Here I Go Again… With School

Wonderful Listeners,

It’s Pineapple. I hope you’re all doing well. I just wanted to announce this very quickly so that none of you are taken by surprise. My last semester of my undergrad has started, which means I will be busy once again.

What does this mean for you all? It means that I will not be as active as I was previously (which wasn’t very in the first place, unfortunately.) Still, I will try to find time to keep you all updated with things in my life. Any thoughts that run through my head, I will try to get them to you ASAP.

Perhaps, I’ll see you all again soon. Who knows? Whatever the case, I just don’t want to make a promise I can’t keep again. 😛 But school has already got me thinking about a lot, and it’s only the first day! So… maybe I’ll come rushing back with something!?

Wish me luck guys. Cheers! 🙂

Thoughts From The 23rd of February (2017)

Hi Wonderful Listeners!

Today was both a wonderful day and a terrible day. How so? Well, overall, it was a great day except for two unexpected occurrences. They did throw me for a loop but I powered through them. However, let me just dive into my day and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

So I started out by getting up at a decent hour. I woke up with enough time to put myself together in a decent way. I had the pleasure of catching the bus with Armand (who’s still crashing on our couch every other night or so.) We caught the bus and we were on our way to campus.

After reaching campus, we went our seperate ways. I decided to stop by Dos Gatos Kolaches since I was feeling hungry for breakfast. The lovely people who were there had me in and out in like two minutes. They’re so great. I love their service and kolaches! 🙂 Funny enough, walking from Dos Gatos to my first class in Sabinal, I ran into Armand again. Apparently, he was feeling hungry too (which is a shame because we could’ve had breakfast together.)

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A Handsome Guy Who’s Not Mine…

Wonderful Listeners,

It’s me, again. And I’m pretty much done talking about Chris at this point. Just to be frank, I was informed today that he is not an available option. But guess what? I don’t feel bad about it, like, at all.

Now, let me go a bit further into this. Some of you might remember that I handed him a note a week ago. Well, I finally got tired of waiting and I just decided to ask what he thought about the note. I was kind of fed up with the anticipation of it all.

You know, Chris was just how I had expected him to be. He was very straightforward and respectful about the entire situation. He said that he was seeing someone but that he was flattered by the approach. He did at least say that he’ll see me around (which is pretty obvious at this point.)

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Thoughts From The 22nd Of February (2017)

Hello Wonderful Listeners!

Today was an excellent day! I mean, it couldn’t have gone better (at least not in retrospect that is…) What made today especially nice is that I didn’t have to make an early start!

So I actually got up at 1PM today instead of 10AM. Why? Because I wasn’t required to go to my first class. So I didn’t. 😛 Jessica had told us that she was going to be gone and that it was a work day so we could use it how we saw fit.

Well, I didn’t go to my first class but I did end up going to campus around 2PM to get the work done for that specific class. (Yeah, there’s no getting around the work that needs to get done is there?) Well, before leaving the apartment, I chatted with my roommates as I usually do. Of course, we were talking about something really mundane and not important but these conversations are always inviting.

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Thoughts From The 21st Of February (2017)

What’s going on Listeners?!

Today was one of those days that just passes you by. Mainly because nothing exciting happened but, it was a good day nonetheless. I didn’t really have anything spectacular happen but I’ll recap my day for you all anyways. It should be fairly quick.

So I woke up at 10AM to get ready. Armand joined got off of our couch (again) to come catch the bus with me. What was nice was that David also needed to catch the bus so we all left together. We all waited outside for our bus but the one we usually catch was full, and we knew we were going to be late for class. We ended up getting to campus at like 11AM on the dot, the time at which our classes started.

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Some Notes On People-Watching (Part 2)

Welcome Back Wonderful Listeners!

Picking up from where I left off last time, there’s more to people-watching when time is no longer a concern. Once that short window of mere seconds is obliterate and time stops existing, another realm is entered in the people-watching world.

This is usually the point of the sport where you aren’t sporting your ability but rather become a passive viewer of sorts. You usually stick with one person or group of people, for an extended period of time.

Take for example a day at the park. You’re lounging on the grass and you see another individual who has caught your attention from afar. You are at a safe distance where you are quite aware that your presence isn’t at the forefront, and so you are able to really take in that person.

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