The First Step Is A Question

This is the first post and I honestly have no idea what to start with but maybe that’s a good thing. Those who never know which direction they will take, simply walk until they can’t anymore or until they figure out a reason to keep walking. I haven’t found a particular reason to walk so for now, I’m walking until I can’t anymore.

I think it would be much easier that way if that’s all we had to do in life, was just to keep walking; no thoughts, no observation, just mindless and meaningless walking. If we did so however, what would life be worth? Would it be worth it to walk the miles we do, over the hills and down into the valleys? Would we even know what worth is? It is possible that we never would.

I often find myself thinking while I walk. I walk, and have walked, so many meaningless miles in the rain and sunshine but I never stop thinking. I am always thinking in fact. Whether I am stopping to smell the lilacs, chasing after the sun, or running from my own shadow, I am always thinking. I think about many different things and sometimes not solely for the purpose of bettering the world around me.

Sometimes, I think to feel; emotions are powerful things and to feel them is to know that you are alive. To feel sadness, anger, curiosity, anxiousness, happiness, or any emotion is to know that you are human.

Sometimes, I think to reflect; I think to reflect most often I believe because I am that kind of person. I look back on my past and I think about all that I have done, the good, the bad, and also what I haven’t done, the regret, the missed chance.

Sometimes, I think just to think; to know that I have the ability to ponder about anything and everything is beautiful and it helps me realize that I exist. Ultimately, thinking is important to me and for me to imagine a reality where I was departed from my thoughts, is saddening.

While we walk, we walk with a choice in mind, whether or not we have decided on the destination. We walk with the choice to go forward or backwards. To walk backwards is to remember. To walk backwards is to reflect. To walk backwards is not a waste of time. To walk forward is to pioneer. To walk forward is to discover. To walk forward is to question. I have a question. Perhaps I will find the answer in time if I walk long enough.

To those who will walk with me, please leave a comment below sharing your own thoughts and/or thoughts on walking. When I walk, I walk in tranquility and so all thoughts are welcome to mingle with mine.

6 thoughts on “The First Step Is A Question

  1. I enjoyed this first post very much. It reminds me of how I think and write and so I know some of my followers will enjoy reading you as well. I am in the process of writing my acceptance speech for the Liebster Award. Expect to see your nomination coming soon! I want my readers to know about you 🙂

    Now, seriously, I am going to go to bed now.

    Liked by 1 person

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