Love: The Affliction That Never Ails

Currently, it is nearing the holiday season. Actually, the holidays are already here and with the holidays come family, food, and love. What is on my mind right now however, is the last of those three: love.

Love is quite a strange thing. I cannot say that I have a full understanding of what it is, let alone why it seems to be one of the few emotions we never seem to ever be able to control. Regardless of how strange love is, I know that I have felt it, in my heart, my soul; it is expressed through my actions. Love I cannot seem to understand, but maybe love doesn’t need to be understood. Maybe love is best left to only ever be felt and never thought about; then again, perhaps not.

What is it about love that makes family get together and enjoy the company of one another? What is it about love that motivates a mother to cook for her children and husband? What is it about love that makes the good come out of people and the best things to be created? These are questions which I have no answer for.

However, there is one thing I do understand about love: it is the reason why the best comes out of me. I would like to believe that I am a sensitive, intelligent and efficient person but that is not always the case according to both myself and others. However, when I feel love coursing through me, that is when I feel most alive and most valuable. When stricken with the intoxicating symptoms of love, it is one affliction that does not unease me.

After coming home to my family for the holidays, I have become more aware of my love for others. I have realized that I love quite a bit. I love so deeply that it hurts sometimes. I love, and I love the feeling of love. When I think back on the things I do while in a loving state, I am amazed by what I can accomplish.

I think about the sentimentality, the healing, the forgiveness, the happiness. It’s rather amusing. The more I think about whom I love, the more I realize that I couldn’t stop loving those I love if I tried. For those I love, I have cried. For those I love, I have been their strength when they lost theirs. For those I love, I have become iconic. Yes, love is the reason I do the things that I do that mean the most to me. It is all because of love.

I have only these thoughts at the moment and so I leave you with this: allow yourself to love and let love do the rest.

For those who wish to share their thoughts, please leave your comments below on anything about love and what it means to you. Love is the reason I allow my thoughts to mingle with yours; it brings out the best in everyone.


2 thoughts on “Love: The Affliction That Never Ails

  1. “I love, and I love the feeling of love.”

    Me too 🙂

    PS. I’m sorry I’m going to be digging into your archives in the coming days, so you might keep getting annoying notifications 😀


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