Updates: 3 Months Absence

Hello again! It has been quite some time since my last post. I have often felt the need to blog about other thoughts I have experienced during my informal hiatus, but I held off on them. I suppose blogging is one of those things in my life that I have the ability to turn on and off as needed or as I please. Normally when it comes to leisure activities that fill my time, I fill my time with activities that I often wish to not stop doing. Blogging, unfortunately, has not yet become one of those said activities.

I digress. My purpose for this post was to update you about what has been happening since my last post. I believe my last post was Christmas-related. Since that time, my life has been quite routine, boring, and desaturated. To further your understanding, I would like to break down the months of January, February and March prior to Spring Break. I don’t expect these explanations to be lengthy but I have been wrong before.

Let’s begin with January. My time passing throughout that month, the month that welcomed in 2015, was quite scrambled. I was not personally scrambled but the hectic-ness of my new schedule (due to the starting of a new school semester) required quite a bit of pledged loyalty in order to settle the dust that was kicked up.

The start of a new school semester can sometimes leave people discombobulated but often I am the exception, possibly because I do a bit of mental preparation beforehand. Honestly, mental preparation can really lessen a load and help you process a situation much better than to simply run in blind. As a full-time student, my schedule can often get filled up but I often find lots of time to bore myself; it’s rather ironic.

At the end of the month, I was ready to move into February; my mind was quite ready to move away from the middle of winter and move closer to spring. I did not find the beginning of January relevant enough to explain it in-depth; another welcoming New Year, at home with family, kept indoors.

Let’s move on to February, rather than just mentioning it. The month of February was quite a haze. I cannot tell you exactly what occurred during this month. I suppose I was so caught up in my school schedule and balancing a whittled and lessened social life along with my emotional state, that I could not recall that I spent any time in that month.

I suppose that only leaves March. March was actually pretty exciting! I was admitted to the emergency room at the beginning of the month. I had been involved in an accident and luckily, my roommates were there to make sure I got through it safely. Sure, we laughed at my pain (as many friends do) and I think that’s what helped me get through it.

Aside from that incident, my time was spent working on paintings. I am in painting this semester and therefore I have dedicated a lot of time to the class and my work. I honestly did not enjoy the experience at first but I have learned to love it. It’s rather amazing how you can completely shift your attitude toward something, give it some time.

At the start of wrapping up classes before Spring Break, lots of cancellations occurred and I didn’t complain (much.) I hastened my efforts so I could finish before the break, and I am both glad and regretful that I did. Why regret? Well, I did not expect my Spring Break to be so mundane and dull, that’s why. But before I left for the break, let’s say that I derailed for a moment. I was emotionally unstable but that was quickly resolved, by my own efforts. I give myself much credit for that.

If I had more to say, I might’ve said it but I don’t. This would be the point where I tell you that I am back and will be posting more often. That statement is true and I will try to uphold its validity as much as possible. I never declared a schedule and I still don’t plan to; however, I don’t think I’ll let months pass by where I don’t post, at least without a reason why.

I do hope you enjoyed this post. Until next time, take care.

Please leave a comment below if you wish. As I have said in the past, I welcome all thoughts so share openly and earnestly.


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