The Bromance of A Best Friend

Today, a storm passed over my current area of living at 2 AM. I happened to be up watching some anime when I decided to text one of my best friends. I told him to enjoy the coming storm since I know he loves thunderstorms; I’m not sure exactly why they seem to calm and please him but they do. Then I told him how I wish he was here so we could storm watch together. Shortly after, I became filled with emotion. It was not sad emotion but a rather warm; for lack of a better word, love.

I guess for some reasons this feeling of love I began to feel once I started to converse with one of my best friends made me feel really good. However, this doesn’t surprise me one bit. Love is an emotion that comes as it pleases and overwhelms you with this sense of euphoria, no matter whom or what it is connected to. In my head, I felt somewhat weird about feeling love toward one of my best friends (who is a guy) but this isn’t the first time I’ve felt this way toward him. I don’t know how to process it really.

I mean, sure love comes in many forms and is often unfiltered but can one love another wholeheartedly without it turning into romance? I almost feel like sometimes I am on that verge with him. I have actually felt this way toward others before too, not just him. In fact, I get that with quite a few people but it never fails that I feel it the strongest with him. I mean I guess it makes sense with him being one of my best friends. I just always feel connected to him, no matter what.

I have made a pledge to myself before that I would never abandon my friends when they needed me, if I was able. I feel like I keep that pledge strong within myself but… sometimes I feel the need to go past helping my friend (the one mentioned early in the article.) I don’t know what it would be or could be but sometimes I feel as if I can do more. I do know however, that I can be overbearing and I try to restrain that but it’s difficult.

You know I was going to make a pledge again but I’ll keep that one to myself. Either way, this is a spur of the moment kind of post. I’m not going to edit it. That’s all I have to say though. Until next time, cheers.

For those who wish, leave a comment below. Even when I get personal and weird, I listen to those who speak.


2 thoughts on “The Bromance of A Best Friend

  1. I can’t believe how much I relate to this.

    I think that yes, it possible to love someone wholeheartedly without it turning into romance, but I feel on the verge of it with my friend too.

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