Blogging101: Titles and Taglines

Well, it’s day 2 of the Blogging101 course and today’s assignment involved updating one’s blog title and its tagline. Well, since I started this blog, I had always had the title in mind: ThoughtsOfaTrainwreckedPineapple. It was exactly what I wanted. I could not think of anything else that the blog title could be. It just captivates everything I wanted in my title. My blog is indeed about my personal thoughts, and I sometimes come across as a trainwreck. I had to include pineapple somewhere because I love pineapples. Plus, there’s more meaning behind the title than just it being a culmination of what I want associated with the blog. I probably will talk about the meaning of the title sometime later in the future but not today.

Now the tagline, that was not an easy one to come up with. Honestly, I changed it at least eight different times. I can’t exactly remember each of the stages but it took a while to get where it is now: “A therapeutic place for my thoughts. I’ll use anything to express whatever else runs through my head.” I had decided eventually that honesty would be the best policy. I do indeed use this blog as a place of therapy and expression. Lots of my thoughts end up here in this public space of the internet. Being frank, my tagline is an expression of what I needed at the time of this blog’s inception. And it hasn’t changed since.

That should be good for the today’s assignment. Until next time, cheers!

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