Blogging101: Who’s Your Audience?

Oh my. Well, this certainly is interesting.

Hello there. It’s day 4 of the Blogging101 course and today’s assignment is quite difficult for me. We were assigned to write a post with the ideal audience member in mind. This means that we are required to figure out exactly who we really want to read our posts. In my case, this is quite difficult to figure out because the original intent of everything posted on this blog was to satisfy my own need to publicly express my thoughts; therefore, it didn’t require an audience at all but it was set up so that there was the possibility of an audience forming. I never really had an idea of a particular audience. I just wanted an audience.

However, as I continue to write and post on my blog, I have come into forming a small audience; they are the “pioneer peepers” if you will. I am not fully aware of who these people are and what they are like but I am quite pleased that they have decided that I was worthy enough to spend some time with. They too, do not fully understand who it is that I am either. As it stands, my relationship to the blog-o-sphere is one of stranger-ship—people interacting with one another for the sake of interaction, without any real fundamental relationship effort; I am content with this but of course, I am open to forming real bonds with these strangers.

Touching on the ideal audience member again, I can’t say exactly what I’m looking for or what I’m not looking for. When you want to be noticed, you often do not care who it is that notices as long as they notice. I am aimlessly floating in limbo, not sure of what I want when it concerns other people. However, what I can say is that I’ve wanted conversation. I’ve always wanted conversation because I just like to talk, about anything that my heart desires or anything that allows me to deeply associate with another human being. I am a person who connects on a deep level with many things. It is difficult (as I have said before on this blog) for me to look at things superficially and leave it at that. That does not mean that I cannot understand that some things are simple; quite the opposite. I just require the need to exert massive amounts of brain power via conversation; I am a conversationalist.

I suppose that’s one quality that my ideal audience would require: the need or (at least) the want to have conversation for the sake of conversation. Honestly, the fluidity of a conversation can bring about absolutely nothing or something incredible; however, how can you find out what the result will be if you never initiate it in the first place?

Also, it just came to me, my ideal audience would need to be deep thinkers. While I am a conversationalist, I also heavily (and possibly obsessively) enjoy deep topics and chats. I very much so ponder on the big scope of things in the universe but most of the time it’s kept within relation to my own reality or to the reality of the world at large. Truthfully, how many could say that they have pondered the mental capacity it would take to emulate a figure like Jesus Christ or have meditated on the declining confidence of the world? I cannot speak for the masses but my current guess is not many. It takes effort to think about heavy topics; it takes effort to even solve the puzzles that these topics segue into; and it takes the company of others to healthily flush and critique one’s ideas.

Sure, while I admit that most of the things I blog about are trivial matters in relation to pressing world issues, those trivialities are important to me. I guess I also just happen to be looking for healthy socialization; my ideal audience would have the capacity to interact with me and while keeping me interested and happy. It is possible that I am asking for a lot but I don’t really feel like I am. What’s wrong with asking for people to leave boring at the door when they come into my head? There’s nothing wrong as far as I’m concerned. While I already understand that I myself cannot be happy always, and while I understand that not everyone is going to be my cup of tea, I know that it’s fine. As long as my audience tries to be good and genuine people with me, then that will be enough.

I suppose I do have an ideal audience, don’t I? Well, there it is. I know that the assignment was supposed to be a post that is made as if the audience existed but I had to figure out what my audience would be like first. Now that I know what they’re like (or at least some of the qualities they have), I can actually write a post like they are listening.

The assignment, now that I recall, also asked for the implementation of something new to further convey the message or feel of the blog and its posts. I decided that I would implement a poll. It is located below. It will be the start of some real interaction between me and my audience.

Unfortunately, I am unsure if this post will count as if directed at the ideal audience but future posts probably will. Still, at the end of the day, this blog remains a space for my thoughts and that means that sometimes the audience will not be the first priority. I stand by this.

That will do it for today. I have said all I wanted to say. Until the next time, farewell.

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15 thoughts on “Blogging101: Who’s Your Audience?

  1. I enjoyed this! I’m trying to find out about your Pineapple (symbolically it means “welcome”)….but I do like your thought processes. I prefer deep conversations, not about trivia, the latest movies, TV shows, the weather or really even politics (although I am political-I prefer to avoid it in my blogging)….I like the things that matter to eternity…..
    Now to get back to our current assignment of commenting on 4 new blogs, 2 down, 2 to go!

    Liked by 2 people

      1. I’m getting lost in the blogs I’ve found from your post! So nailed 4 of 4 and can’t stop. But I keep coming back to your blog to find more! Lol
        I’ll stay tuned for your pineapple story!
        Best pineapple ever is in Cancun!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. So much of what you said resonated with me. I too only started the blog for myself so I didn’t have an audience in mind but I agree with things you highlighted as an ideal audience.
    Brilliant post.

    Liked by 1 person

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