Blogging101: About That “About” Page…

It seems I can never fail to be surprised…

Hello wonderful listeners. It’s the start of week 2, day 6 of the Blogging101 course. I was extremely excited to start this new assignment! The moment I realized it was 7:00 PM my time, I rushed to my computer, eager to start. I began the assignment, which was about the “about” page on our blogs, and realized very quickly that this would be the toughest assignment I had completed so far.

The assignment simply asked us to create and publish an about page. That was it! However, it’s the process that goes into creating a wonderful about page that unbalanced me. I did not expect it to be so much work but it was! In fact, in the process of creating my updated about page, I have looked at more tutorials and articles on WordPress (and in general for that matter) than I had in many years. I mean, for a good about page there are many decisions that must be made and it’s even more challenging to do them well.

I’ve never been good at fully explaining about myself to anyone, ever. It’s easy for me to list certain qualities about myself but I’ve never been one to simply tell them a life story. The reason for this is that I honestly prefer for others to tell me who it is that I am by learning about me and uncovering my truths. I think it’s much more interesting that way; plus, I enjoy comparing the things that people believe to be correct to what actually is true.

That’s why today’s assignment was so damn difficult for me to complete! But I did it. Now, I’m not completely satisfied with it but I’m definitely happier with it than I was before starting this assignment. It’s definitely a work in progress so I’m sure I’ll be updating and changing it. I would definitely like to have some feedback on the page because I’m sure it needs work. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Now then, I would like to take a moment and officially address the questions posed as help for those who wished to make a post inspired by their about page adventure. I figure they are worth answering since I kind skipped over the questions for the very first assignment. Let’s begin!

  1. What are the key pieces of your story you included in the About widget? Why did you make those the focus, instead of all the other wonderful things about you and your blog?
    1. I decided to include pieces about my personality. The reason being is because my blog is mostly about myself, but more importantly what goes on in my head rather than in my tangible, physical life. Personality is a complete creation of the mind, and most thoughts you have are processed the way they are because of your personality.
  2. Arethere topics you don’t ever want to write about? Why not?
    1. At the moment, there is only one topic that I don’t particularly feel like writing about (that I can remember.) That topic is politics. I have never been in-tuned with politics or the political agenda of the world or my own country. However, I am always open to change and who knows, maybe I will talk about politics someday.
  3. What fact was hardest to leave off your About page or widget?
    1. The hardest fact to leave out of my widget was the fact that I’m an artist. Art has become my life in the past few years (and for as long as I can remember to be frank) and I am cultivating my talents in the field. I debated for at least ten minutes whether to include this or not but I didn’t leave it out of my about page. I couldn’t possibly ignore that fact. The widget is just a quick snippet of the entire picture and so I included what was more prevalent and consistent in my widget instead.
  4. What are the top three things you’d like to learn, or ways you’d like to grow, from blogging? The top three people you’d like to connect with?
    1. Hmm. I would say that I’d probably like to learn how to be consistent with posts. I do enjoy scheduling and regularly occurring events but I am awful and doing so myself. Plus, I find it difficult to schedule posts when my posts are as spontaneous as my thoughts. But, I would definitely like to find some sort of consistency for my own blog, somehow.
    2. The second thing would be that I’d like to not be afraid to be confident in showing what I have to offer. For most of my life I have been humble about my talents (which is good I think) but I have also been extremely bashful about it as well. Anytime someone catches me expressing myself fully and uncensored in full-blown talent, they are impressed. However, once I know they’re there, I immediately close myself off (unless they can convince me to not be afraid.) I would like to change that if possible.
    3. The last thing, I say, would be that I’d like to make an internet friend. I’ve never had a person whom I have only known online and never in person (that I have been in consistent contact with.) I think it would be pretty neat to connect with someone in the world, whom I know little about and vice versa, and yet feel as if we could meet up one day and feel like we’ve known each other forever. I’ve heard stories like that but never experience it myself; I would like to experience that.
    4. As for the people I’d like to connect with (aside from an internet friend), I would say are people that just as weird as I am, who can appreciate the arts, and who can show me things I never knew or round me out. While I would love to encounter those just like me, I would also love to encounter those who are the opposite of me.

Well, my brain is officially fried. I think that’s all I’m gonna say about this assignment. I hope you enjoyed this post. Until next time, cheers!

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3 thoughts on “Blogging101: About That “About” Page…

  1. Wow. I never put this much thought into my About page. It was difficult to write for me too, and took some time and thought. This is awesome, though, and I like your About page.

    Also, it was nice reading all your answers above 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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