Blogging101: Please Reiterate For Emphasis (Or Not..!)

Hello wonderful listeners.

Today is an interesting day. Why you might ask? Because today would mark the first assignment in which I genuinely did not feel like completing, but will anyway. Sure, that’s nothing special; we all experience days where we simply just don’t feel like it. That being said, I would like to quickly get to the heart of the matter and be on my merry way.

Today we were asked to build off of one of the comments we left on a blog post yesterday. To be honest, I did not feel like blogging anything today but I did do quite a bit of reading in the reader. Yet, here I am attempting to finish this assignment.

In order to do so, I decided to go off of what I said on The Constant Traveller’s post: You remind me of a time gone by. Since this blogger is really a photographer who posts pictures with little to no context, it’s rather interesting to build a post off of almost nothing. Then again, it was almost nothing. That particular post references (I assume) a past love interest and relationship. With my particular comment I can head in one of two directions: photography or love. I’m going to choose love this time.

I have been in very few intimate relationships in the past and they have all ended rather uncivilly. Funny enough, there are certain things that remind me of those past loves or as Traveller puts it, a time gone by. For me, whenever I think of homecoming during high school, I recall one love. She was a short lived love and well deserved being frank. Still there was a short time where I did wish for the love to not end.

I have said in the past that love is a strange thing. I still believe so and sometimes, one thing can speak volumes about love rather than a relationship itself. For Traveller, a photograph and one sentenced summed up a past love. For me, it was only a single, pinpointed memory that summed up mine.

And that’s all I feel like writing about today. Sorry to disappoint if you felt like diving into something or what-have-you. I’m just not into it today but I did as the assignment asked of me. So, I grudgingly finish this assignment and send myself off to bed.

That will do it for today. Until tomorrow, cheers.

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7 thoughts on “Blogging101: Please Reiterate For Emphasis (Or Not..!)

  1. This is so strikingly similar to a conversation I had with a friend today. It put me in a very contemplative mood too.

    “A single, pinpointed memory…” I’ll remember that.

    However tough you found it, you put it down in words quite well. I hope you feel better about doing the assignment 🙂

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  2. I’m with you, dreading this assignment, but for me, because, thanks to you, I found at least 6 new bloggers that I’ve now interacted with! How to narrow it down….
    As a minimalist, I loved this post and the site you took me too! (Is that correct English?)

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I’ve actually noticed quite a bit of incorrect English, but very much in the conversation style. It is somewhat refreshing, and I do like the honesty of what I’ve been reading. I never imagined all the good that could come out of this course, I was looking more to improve my own blog, but I’ve enjoyed reading and learning about other people and reading their blogs and seeing their different styles.

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        1. Yes it is quite interesting. I too have noticed some incorrect English but still, sometimes that is enticing. We all have different styles and express ourselves (and our interests) differently.
          The positive about a course like this is that instead of being only self-aware, it encourages you to be environmentally-aware. Quite important for growth.

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