Blogging101: Elementary Tactics

Hello wonderful listeners.

Yesterday was the 11th day of Blogging101. It’s almost nearing the end of the course and I’m somewhat saddened by this. I’ll soon be disbanding from the home-space of my makeshift community of fellow bloggers. I rather liked The Commons! Anyway, that time has not yet come but it will be bittersweet when it arrives.

Getting to the topic at hand, yesterday’s assignment was to answer a prompt and make a blog post responding to it in our own way for our particular blog. The particular prompt I got stuck with is as follows:

Tell us about a time when someone had you completely fooled, where the wool was pulled right over your eyes and you got hoodwinked, but good. Was it a humorous experience or one you’d rather forget? What was the outcome?

 Now to be honest, I don’t much like being stuck with prompts although I do understand they are a useful tool when you want to write but can’t think of anything to write about. They help get the juices flowing and whatnot but I designed my blog to be spontaneous. I’ve said it many times. Now while I did want some consistency to my blog, I recall simply saying that I’d post at least once every month.

To be even more honest, I couldn’t recall a scenario in which I was hoodwinked. Trust me, there have been plenty of times where I have been tricked or deceived but they are not worth telling as I could sum up their stories in one paragraph. One paragraph is not worth much time on my blog unless it just so happens it will be elaborated on later or it requires further research. Catch my drift?

If I were to try to answer the prompt, I’d say that I hoodwinked myself yesterday, thinking I was going to complete the assignment on time! I was way to stressed out from work and other things to even think about completing the assignment and as I’ve already said, I couldn’t think of anything good. So instead, what I’m doing is writing a post on how circumstantial yesterday’s assignment was for me in particular and the outcome is the post you’re reading now. While it’s not an in-depth post about deceitfulness or anything of the like, it still fits my blog and I’m responding to the prompt in my own way. The idea of using prompts to help you write is quite an elementary tactic but still, it is a good one when it does help.

Well, I’m not gonna lie, my brain is dead from that already. Well, not really dead but just glad to have actually attempted and finished the assignment. I have nothing more to add to this post. Until next time, cheers.

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4 thoughts on “Blogging101: Elementary Tactics

  1. While nostalgia is visiting me too, no worries! No more table of commons (good crutches to help us walk and run through blogging), but we are still here! Besides, as you said, anyone can take it again.

    They say one good technique is creating anticipation: we are all waiting for the pineapple story, but take your time!

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  2. Good for you! I’ve fallen off the wagon and am way behind. I’m retired but I have just been too busy to keep up….wonder if we can retake the course?
    Anyway, hope we’ll stay in touch with each other’s blogs! I’m still waiting to learn about the Pineapple!

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    1. I promise the pineapple story is coming 😉 I’m just really putting the best effort I can behind its story before I publish.

      Did you know that you can sign up for the August session of Blogging101? It’s on the Daily Post page actually! 🙂 So if you need to retake it, you certainly can 😉


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