Blogging101: Many Paths To One Place

Hello wonderful listeners!

Today is the 12th day of the Blogging101 course. Today’s assignment asked us to comment on other posts related to that prompt we answered yesterday (which was today for me.) We needed to leave at least two comments on two different posts by two different people. That’s what I did. To my surprise, I found some interesting takes (much more interesting than mine if you asked me) on the prompt. I only did the minimum today because I have been busy and just trying to relax.

The first came from The English Student‘s post: “Film Review: Bridge to Terabithia” which was quite refreshing to read. While in all honesty, I was not prepared to read a well-written review of anything but I clicked on it out of curiosity for the movie. I love that movie as it speaks to my inner child but this blogger’s view of it (and their take on the prompt) was astounding. S/he made me think realize something about this movie that I’d never noticed before. It really does balance the harshness of reality while embracing the freedom that fantasy can bring. My comment was as follows:

“I actually love this movie and it’s one of my favorites! Still, the fact that you point out that Terabithia is a complex fantasy world that is able to carefully balance a real-world reality meshing with complete freedom fantasy is impressive. This movie speaks to my inner child (who is quite active some say) but seeing it from a more adult perspective, it’s quite an enthralling and engaging film. Now I’m not a connoisseur of novels by any means, but I can at least acknowledge that this particular tale takes many levels into account that does, as you said, leave us begging for more.

I really wish they would make a second one to elaborate on the story but alas, somethings do not come to pass. Wonderful post English Student.”

I have no idea who this blogger is but s/he did peak my curiosity so she probably is worth checking out. From what I gather, if you like literature reviews and well-written essays, s/he is probably right for you.

The last post I commented on was The ‘Me’ I thought was ‘Me’ which was posted on the blog Life, living, work and play. The post roughly commented on realizing one’s own personal growth and how it changes who you are as a person. I thought it was a brilliant take on the prompt and roughly along the lines of something I would do. Reading this post made me realize that I too have had this moment not too long ago. I even posted about it which you can find here. However, my comment for her post was as follows:

“Beautiful post ruthlakes. There is something to be said about the effects of confidence and how it can change who you are and who you think you are. For some, it has lots of positive effects but sometimes there are negative consequences.
I think that the “Me” you thought you were is just part of the “Me” you are but she has decided to stay in the background and let the other side of you take over. Some things call for reservation and elusiveness and others call for a bit of bombastic action. Learning to use both effectively would be the goal I assume.
Take care 🙂

I also don’t know anything about this author/blogger but she did peak my curiosity so she’s probably worth checking out.

Well, that’s all I really had to say about this assignment. I didn’t mean for this to turn into a shoutout post but that’s kinda what happened. There are many paths to one place I’ve discovered from completing this assignment.

Anyway, I can say I completed this assignment. It may appear that my effort for these assignments is waning but that’s not true. I do go up and beyond some expectations mostly but sometimes you only have enough energy to do what’s required. Anyway, until next time cheers!

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