Music, Through The Eyes Of An Inventor

Recently, I was able to reconnect with a friend from high school. His name is Ethan. We hadn’t talked with each other in a while due to our busy lives and schedules (and also the fact that he is not always keeping an eye on his social devices [cell phone, social media, etc.]) When we do have the chance to converse with each other I am always delighted. He is actually quite a well-spoken, and well-written individual and that always delights me; I am quite used to conversing in text lingo (which is composed of improper clauses, incomplete sentences, etc.) so to deal with actual proper English is refreshing.

We talked for a short amount of time to be honest. The conversation was no more than possibly ten minutes and I cannot recall what we talked about exactly but I’m pretty sure it was simple stuff. Being that he is my friend and all, today I thought I’d give him a boost up in the world.

See, what you must understand is that he is an artist like me; however, he’s a different kind of artist, a musical one. He’s currently invested in his music passion as an indie artist, specializing in what I’d like to call, simplistic styles. His styles range from 8-bit, to progressive rock, all the way to ambient sounds.

However, for you to really understand his music, you might need to understand a little about him. Now I’m not going to put all his business out into the blog-o-sphere but I will say this: he has been perpetuating minimalism for as long as I’ve known him. He has always been one to do things only as necessary but still he makes it fashionable and appealing, and this includes his music.

Sure, many individuals think that minimalism is not really worth the time but there is a surreal beauty about minimalism. It takes skill and genius to use very few elements and create masterpieces; Ethan has that in spades. He’s also very poetic and you can even see it come across in his albums.

If ever you were curious to feel the music you were listening to, rather than just hearing it, then Ethan’s music is worth the time to check out. I haven’t been disappointed with his pieces so far and I have a strong feeling you won’t either. I’m going to leave 4 songs from four different albums below, so that you can get a feel for his styles.


While the 4 songs above are just a taste, there’s a whole meal waiting for you at his bandcamp site, Through The Eyes Of An Inventor. Why not go give him a moment of your time? Be sure to check out his other albums as well! I’ll also link to his Facebook page as well. Trust me when I say, that he deserves some love. Just as I’ve said in the past, it could be one’s first step to glory so why not be a part of the pioneer group? You too can feel what it’s like through the eyes of an inventor!

Also, Ethan owns a band called Half-Step Tides. They have a Facebook page which you can find here. I’d like to think of this band as a continuation of Ethan’s style, with the help of those close to him. While the band is currently inactive (as far as I know) they still have some good stuff!

I suppose it was all things music today huh? Well, that will do it for now. Until next time, cheers!

I love music. It is such a freeing element in life. However, I also know that music is a topic that is extremely relevant to each specific person. Well, I’m curious to know, what’s your taste in music? Did you like the sounds that Ethan produces? What does music do for you specifically? Leave a comment below!


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