Blogging101: Taking Up The Challenge!

Hello wonderful listeners.

It has come to the 13th day of Blogging101. I am excited for today’s assignment! I have already completed it. It was simple: join a community event/challenge. Well you’ll be interested to know that I chose “dark | side | thursday” and that I will be putting out a story for a while. I’m not sure how long I will participate in the event but I’ll be sticking with it for now. I think for those who have not experienced my dark side, this will be in for a wonderful treat! It will be a change of pace from the serious/not-so-serious vibe I often follow.

The story’s first part will premiere on Thursday so stay tuned for that! The story will also be updated every Thursday afterward, until I decide to end the story or start a new one! I don’t have much else to say for that. So, until the next time, farewell.

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