Blogging101: Leaving Your Mark (?)

Hello wonderful listeners!

We have reached the 14th day of Blogging101. Today’s assignment was quite an interactive one. We were to create either a site icon, a custom image widget or a fan page. I had already met the requirement by implementing a site icon. I rather like the simple one I’ve chosen as it is an extension of my header in reality. It’s pretty fitting; the pineapple is its own image!

Excuse my excitement. I suppose I could leave the assignment at such, and I believe I will. I could go beyond and create either a custom image widget or a fan page but I don’t feel that it’s necessary. My icon is unique to my space on the internet; it describes my blog when it is approached by strangers and familiars alike. It signifies entering the domain of the pineapple and that is enough branding for me.

To be honest, I am not a huge fan of branding anything or spreading the word on something, unless I am dead set on it being noticed by others. This applies to my own creations as well. Even for my blog, I am not motivated or dead set on making sure that everyone sees it or that everyone has a chance to acknowledge that it’s there. I find that to be quite unnecessary actually. I believe that if something is interesting, it will be spread naturally and if others find it interesting, they will spread it too. It’s a completely natural way of marketing something to the masses, one person at a time. I personally don’t need everyone to see my blog even though I want it to grow; I just need to have some honest fans who will interact with me to satisfy my need for interaction and conversation (as I openly admitted some posts ago.)

I suppose that’s one reason why I could both use and not use a fan page. See, fan pages take effort to maintain and kindle into a wonderful success. I have no problem putting this effort forward but as I was reading in the recommended post for those who would create a fan page, it’s not going to do much good to have one if all it does is updates others when a new post comes out. For me, posts are how I express myself. Sure, I could easily create a fan page and have my audience follow it would be serving the same purpose as my blog does. There’s no need for two sources of the same update.

While reading the recommended page, it did note that a fan page is a good way to interact with viewers outside of a post which is true but I would prefer the interaction to be maintained in the posts. Plus, I am confident I can find ways to have more interaction on my site than simply turning to a fan page. It is possible that in the future I may have different opinions about fan pages but for now, I am not one to use them for my own devices.

As far as a custom image widget is concerned, I could definitely see myself using one. However, as it stands I have no reason or tactful way to use one. In the future I might but as for now, I am sticking with my format; it’s simple, straightforward and sleek, which is my kind of style in presentation.

That’ll do it for today. I await the final hour. Until that time, cheers.

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4 thoughts on “Blogging101: Leaving Your Mark (?)

    1. Ha! Thanks Debbie. Maybe that’s one of my many talents. The mundane is beautiful. Perhaps when my fan base grows, I will make one. 🙂 Anything is possible. I’ll be sure to check out your fan page.


  1. I agree with all of this. We both post so regularly, I struggled to come up anything else I would say on the fan page that I wouldn’t say on here. Plus I don’t think my following is big enough to have a fan page!

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