Blogging101: Repetition Makes Tradition

Hello wonderful listeners.

It has come to the 15th day of Blogging101. I simply can’t believe it. After this weekend, it’ll pretty much be over.  Well, you know it’s been a wonderful journey so far! I’ve met some interesting people who fill me with joy when they leave comments on my material; I’ve become more of a reader and I’ve become addicted to blogging. I simply can’t imagine not blogging anymore in my life; it’s just a part of it now. While I am sad that this course will be ending, I could not have asked for a better journey.

Ok, enough with the sentiments already. Today’s assignment asked of us to start a regular feature for our blogs, to give them consistency. I’ve decided after much contemplation I’ve decided to install a new addition called Metaphysical Monday; it will be posts about heavy topics that are suggested by my audience, The Wonderful Listeners, on the first Monday of every month. This series will start next month in August, on the 3rd. In preparation for that, I would ask that you leave comments below suggesting topics (otherwise I’ll just talk about whatever I want.) Also, if you suggest a topic, I ask that you leave a link to something that will clarify the context if it needs it (e.g. a political issue.) The most liked comment will be chosen so be sure to browse through the comments. I will always look at comments from the most recent Metaphysical Monday to pick the topic of the next one.

The idea behind this feature is to get deep on things and really connect with each others’ thoughts; to debate and to ask questions that haven’t been asked; to expose others to higher-level thinking. I look forward to August 3rd, 2015.

The idea behind this feature was suggested by sarahbruso so please go at least thank her on her blog. Also, a little about her, if you like politics in a down-to-earth way, then you’ll enjoy her blog!

Well that’s it from this guy. Until next time, cheers my wonderful listeners.

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3 thoughts on “Blogging101: Repetition Makes Tradition

  1. Great blog mon ami…if you need something deep as a topic, how about…”Has Socialism got a place in modern society”…can’t get much deeper than that !!! passions will be riding high, I can tell you !!! Looking forward to reading whatever comes up…Keep on Trucking !!

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