Blogging101: What The Future Holds…

This truly is the end. It will be no more after this post, this thing called Blogging101. We have reached the final stretch and I’m gonna leisure my way down the road.

It is the final weekend of Blogging101. We had “optional” assignments this weekend and they were as follows: congratulate 5 other Blogging101 members, create an editorial schedule/set some goals for the next month, and be social in the blogging community.

Well, what does the future hold? Simple, progress. This blog will be progressing forward but shall not be forgetting its time spent with the entity that is Blogging101. Certain irreplaceable and non-recreatable memories were made. It’s a beautiful thing. I am glad to have taken this small journey down the road of self-bettering.

I will be happily saying congrats to five other bloggers and I don’t think I can really create a schedule but I will set some goals for the next month. My goals will be:

  • Publish my first “For the Artist in Me” post
  • Publish three original poems
  • Start a new story under the dark | side| thursday challenge
  • Publish the first Metaphysical Monday feature post

These will be the things that I strive to accomplish in the month of August. I hope to make it a busy and eventful month for everyone. That, however, is all that the pineapple has to say about that. Again, I must thank the universe for providing me this journey and this new hobby and passion. For all those who will be sticking around past the heart-wrenching death of the entity Blogging101, let us strive forward on this trainwrecked path. We shall all grow and it will be glorious.

The end always seems sad but let’s remember that all good things must end and that the end is a beginning of something new. Until next time, cheers my wonderful listeners!

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