When “Jack” Became An Artist

Being an artist is a wonderful thing, but it is a world of give and take (as most things in life are.) However, I am what some would call a “jack-of-all-trades.” What this means is that I dabble in many different kinds of arts: music, digital, traditional, etc. And there’s something I’ve noticed about this kind of lifestyle. It’s rather astonishing. If you give your time to one art, you give yourself the opportunity to cultivate it. You can grow and enrich your experiences and products from spending time with the single idea. But, in doing so, you also lose the knack for another art.

When I decided to start blogging, it was on a whim (as I’ve said before.) I had no real idea what I was going to do with it but I’ve now started to cultivate it; I’m turning the process of blogging into an art form and in doing so I am losing a knack for other areas. To be specific, I am losing the knack for poetry.

For many years, I was a poet. It was the art I ran to when I could not fathom anything else or when I needed comfort. It was how I understood my reality and coped with it. It was how I expressed my way of contemplating. It was how I retained my creativity. My growth as a poet is an interesting one for poetry has served multiple purposes in my life. Now, it’s merely non-existent I fear. I fear losing this part of myself to other arts. Still, I lose it with each passing day.

Yes, when contemplating, I think I understand why we decide to follow one path rather than multiple ones. I think it would be too impractical for the human brain to try and be a master of so many things. That’s why we decide to master one thing and be an expert at it because it’s easy. And in doing so, we find our calling. But for me, I just love the arts! I could go my entire life not mastering a single art and be content if I could never completely lose touch with any of them (assuming I’m interested in them.) However, that is not the case in point of my reality.

I am an artist and I have lived and died many times. I was born a poet and died; then I was reincarnated a photographer and died. Then I was born again as an artist finding his way and I’m still living that life. My past lives are deeply connected to this current life I’m living which is why I cannot escape them and the fear of losing them. Yet, as I am able to understand this, I feel safety again.

It is a shame that humans work in such a way; to pick one thing up is to put another down. I have put down my quill and picked up my keyboard. It saddens me to see my poetic side yearning to live as I blog but that is what’s happening. I am attempting to resuscitate the shallow breathing poet and it’s not easy. I must make time for things that are important for the growing brain. I must make time for poems.

What happens when you lose touch with your initial calling in the world? Is “The Master of None” doomed to fleeting moments? Is it a bad thing to be called “Jack”? Leave your thoughts below.


10 thoughts on “When “Jack” Became An Artist

  1. I too consider myself a ‘Jack’ and have consumed hours of my life devoted to many subjects, becoming the master of none. Is it wrong to be multi-faceted? I hadn’t picked up a pen in years, started a blog, began to write again. Dusted the dust of my Olympus, began to seek out novel approaches to the photo challenge. I want to paint, to sculpt, to share my work here. Because thle other option is that all of these things that encompass who I am stay within the confines of my home. Sad option? So bring it out, Jack, share with us all of those things that make you who you are. Let your passions guide you…. P.S. Although this post wasn’t written in traditional form, I did find it to be quite poetic.

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    1. Thank you. You know, Jack is an interesting character. I know my name is Jack and I have many talents. It is quite exhausting to serve them all. So, they require times for themselves individually and I am willing to do so. I think your point is valid and agreeable. Thank you honestme363. I appreciated your comment 🙂

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      1. Thank you, Jack, for inspiring me to write a little rant in your comments. I am grateful you appreciated it. I am looking forward to you revealing your talents to us whenever the need to do so strikes you. Until next time…Kelly ☺

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  2. Very thoughtful. I’m with you there. To answer your question at the end. I love the name “Jack” and everything to do with it. It’s pretty much the reason my blog revolves around chaos. I can never keep to just one thing. There’s so much in this world to experience and enjoy. I find that as I take breaks from things I come back to them clearer and stronger with more passion. I try to stick with things that complement each other, so that practicing one helps enhance another. Blogging is one way of doing that for me. Writing, photography, video editing, etc…

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    1. Yes. Juggling so many things is quite entertaining, rewarding and time consuming. Still, I would like to get better at the juggling part. Not as easy for me but I am glad to be dipping my toes into different pools.

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  3. I really appreciate your deep insight to the human mind. But I just can’t help but wonder if you couldn’t post some of your poems and photographs on here? I just wonder if you can’t train your brain to keep all your gifts juggling! You are so gifted with words, and of course your art work of The Pineapple…..

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    1. Actually, that’s one of my goals for August, is to try and reclaim my lost arts. I plan on post some of my work come August. I’m just debating what I should introduce first from my portfolio. It’s not easy being “master of none” y’know? I will definitely try to expose the artist within me come next week.

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    2. I agree! Posting some of the poems on this blog would certainly be the best of both worlds. Maybe even specifying a particular day(s) to post them would probably be helpful as well. Maybe a “Poetic Tuesdays” or something of that nature!!

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