I Was Born to Live and Die

I was born to fly,
I was born to rise,
To span my wings,
And reach the sky.

I was born to crash,
I was born to fall,
To mark up history,
Then grow small.

I was born to sprout,
I was born to grow,
To learn new things,
And expand what I know.

 I was born to breathe,
I was born to live,
To take in life,
And have something to give.

 I was born to envy,
I was born to hate,
To dig my ditches,
And carry my weight.

I was born to care,
I was born to love,
To shelter my bonds,
And keep them above.

I was born to question,
I was born to wonder,
To criticize normality,
And tear it asunder.

I was born to grieve,
I was born to wilt,
To enter depression,
And wait for the rebuilt.

 I was born to parent,
I was born to age,
To pass on the torch,
And reach the level of sage.

I was born leave,
I was born die,
Say good-bye to the world,
But never to ask why…


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