And That’s A Wrap On Summer Vacation!

Dear Diary,

It’s been quite a wonderful, lovable summer hasn’t it? The summer of 2015 has been an eye-opening and almost carefree one! 🙂 You can’t really say that nothing exciting has happened because exciting things have! There were some disappointments here and there but overall, it’s been a good time!

Remember May? Yes, the very beginning of your summer. You moved out of your apartment and back home into your parent’s house. You only took the essentials (which was like everything pretty much.) You brought your clothes, your computer, phone, and of course, your art supplies. You can’t really dare to leave anywhere for a long period of time without at least some of that stuff huh? Still, you didn’t really use any of the art stuff. Well, you did in May. You had that promise to fulfill to a friend. It was the death of your for a hot minute but you got through it and you got paid! Win-win right? Then of course the rest of May was filled with friends. You spent as much time as you could with friends before going to work for the rest of the summer. You spent time with the guys (even though it was bittersweet most of the time) and some friends from high school!

Then June started. You went to work for the first time in a while. You got that job at the bowling alley and made some good money. It was easy for you to adjust to the job. It wasn’t easy to adjust to some of the managers though. They were all good people but still, somethings they just never told you until a problem came up. Not very considerate of them but, hey, whatever right? The coworkers at work were lovely too! Yes, you had a wonderful time dancing with them when no customers were around to address and joking with them about life. Being honest, they were all good people though huh? You made some mistakes during June too. You had your first slip-ups at work but they were overlooked luckily because you were new. Outside of work, you were spending a lot of time with your little sister. You got really close to her and just enjoyed her company and it made you love her even more! ❤

Then July rolled around. Oh infamous July! You turned 20 and discovered the truth about your stance on love and sex. You also enrolled into Blogging101 classes and boy did that do wonders! You grew an audience and posted more on your blog than you ever had in the past! You even made it a regular part of your life rather than just a facet. Pretty amazing stuff. Work went extremely smooth except for that money scare! Oh man. You were shaking in your boots and you got so paranoid about your till. You never left your till unlocked or alone after that but luckily it wasn’t totally your fault. Someone was stealing money and got fired so you got lucky (sort of.) At home, the family went on vacation leaving you alone for the month. Those were some lonely days for you weren’t they; walking to and from work every day in 100 degree weather and in the dead of night. The only thing that kept you positive was coming home and blogging. You did good though! And at the end, Darryl came to see you and planned on staying for around a month. You spent as much time with him as you could.

And of course, August inevitably came next (and last.) August still isn’t over but the summer pretty much is. So, up until this point, it’s been smooth sailing. You put in your first two-week notice and it went smooth. You’re enjoying working in the meantime. You finally dealt with your school funds and expenses. You got them sorted out. You weren’t excited for all the money that you worked so hard for going down the drain on supplies for school but alas, that’s life isn’t it? You still have a little bit of money to spend on yourself though so be happy about that. The family finally came back and you were both excited and annoyed to see them. You were happy to see your little sister especially but mom, not so much. You had mixed feelings about her as while the family was away, you had come to learn about how she acts when you’re away at school. You’re older sister had no problem telling you about it. Still, you love her but won’t say anything. Best not to aggravate a burning fire. It’s the last week and school starts Monday. You’re making the most out of it.

I’d say summer treated you well overall. A few bumps here and there but nothing you couldn’t handle. You’ve done good man. You’ve done good. Enjoy your incoming school year. You’ll be moving back into your apartment with your housemates and it should be good times all around! It’s gonna be a pain moving all your junk (and then some!) back into that apartment but you’ll manage. You always do. Look forward to catching the bus every morning, cooking more often at home, and maybe even investing in some more friendships. It’s looking bright in your future, so smile! 🙂

Well, I’m not sure if my summer stands up to yours but I did enjoy myself. What was your summer like? Is summer your favorite time of year? Do you work or play mostly during summer? Leave all your comments below!


4 thoughts on “And That’s A Wrap On Summer Vacation!

  1. Nice post! I like the positive ending! Spring is my busy season so I feel all right about picking my way through some tasks throughout the summer. Now if it would quit raining, I could complete a few more I nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award. Do not feel compelled to comply. I just wanted to bring some attention to your site. Check out my latest post for the details ☺

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  2. You brought back memories of my first and last college summer home. I couldn’t go back the next few years, then got married. Now, our lives are like summer vacation year around! But we’ve worked since we were teens….enjoying retirement! We also planned for it….

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