Wait, What Happened? I Forgot!

Hello Wonderful Listeners.

Lately, I haven’t been able to remember much. What I mean by that is that I’ve been forgetting much more than I used to. I have ideas as to why I might be forgetting in certain instances but for the others, I cannot fathom a reason. It’s those other reasons that have my attention. Well, let me at least say this: I usually have a very good memory, especially of quick recall. I have been complemented before on my memory but as of late, I have been noticing, personally, that my mental capacities are dwindling.

Many things could be the cause of this happening. For one thing, I am out of school at the moment (although that will change in a week’s time.) Education has always stimulated my brain activity; pretty much any learning environment will stimulate my brain and that’s quite important.

As many of you know, I am a thinker and I am constantly thinking about things, but of course, I am limited mostly to my own perception on life and what is. That is why I like to blog and interact with my community so much! I love getting comments and responses to things and just talking about stuff. It makes me very happy. I digress. Not being in school (or at least not actively learning things for an extended period of time) can make me complacent about exercising my brain. I need to learn. Even if it’s not the most important information, it will at least keep my brain healthy.

Another thing that could be causing this lack of memory is a repetitive action. Since summer started, I have been working pretty much non-stop. I haven’t had much time to go out and party or relax with friends (and luckily too because I didn’t realize how much of the money I earned would be swallowed by this academic year.) At work, I pretty much do and say the same thing every day. I assist customers in purchase, explain specials and deals, and of course, exercise caution and care with every action. It’s a simply yet draining job (but not draining enough to not have fun after work is over.)

Particularly, this past week at work, I have had multiple memory gaps. I would literally be helping a customer and then completely forget how long I was talking with them, what I said, and what I did. In one instance, I was doing something for them; in the middle of doing it, I would become aware of what I was doing and wonder how I even started. I suppose my brain was on auto-pilot but I had never had this problem until this month to be honest. That’s what makes this conundrum strange.

Another thing is that I have been super lazy when I get home and I don’t do much. Working all day allows for you to come home and relax as you earn that right (and have it naturally.) I suppose there’s no need to try and remember things that aren’t important. Still, I am bothered by the fact that I can’t remember even the most mundane of things. However, I am optimistic that this will pass as soon as school starts again. I wouldn’t want to be the one who says that age is getting the better of me as I am pretty sure I’m not old enough yet for natural causes to be the cause.

Well, I really just wanted to come and say that. There wasn’t much else. Until the next time, cheers!

I’m sure that something like this is common but then again, it might not be. Have you ever experienced this before? Leave your thoughts below!


4 thoughts on “Wait, What Happened? I Forgot!

  1. Look what the August bloggers created to keep helping each other-and you’re welcome to join! I think you’ll really like it. If school’s not too overwhelming! It’s a great group dedicated to keeping the 101 momentum going.
    Visit then request to be added in the one post to be added to the blog roll.
    Blogging 101: Alumni


  2. Welcome to the aging mind! LOL
    You’re growing up!
    Yes, being in an active “mind” job does help keep your memory in check. That’s why old, retired people appear so forgetful – unless they find another way to keep their minds active. My husband does sudoku and I blog!

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