Making The Most Of It: The Aftermath Of A 21st Turn Up

Two nights ago was my roommate’s 21st birthday. I can definitely say that he enjoyed his time partying and celebrating being a full on adult. He had every right to celebrate not being limited under federal law to drinking limits, drug consumption, etc. by his age any longer. In honor of this momentous period in his life, he threw a house party.

Now, I have no problem throwing and enjoying a house party. I actually like to party with others and engage in social interactions (you know all the basics of partying.) However, the party was a bit underwhelming from what I was expecting. I suppose I have an awful habit of hyping up a party more than it actually needs to be hyped up. Call it excitement and high expectations. Yet, in the reality of how the events of the party turned out, I did enjoy myself.

Let’s start at about 10:20 pm when I got to the party. Now party actually started at 10:30 pm so I arrived ten minutes early. However, I also was moving all of my stuff back into my apartment from my stay at my parent’s home for the summer; all the junk and necessities had to go back in their original places in a timely manner if I was to enjoy the party. Well, I ended up throwing it all into my room and locking my door. I felt like just before the party was not a good time to deal with that chore so I compromised to do it tomorrow. Simultaneously, my roommate decided to pre-game before the party so I also walked right into the middle of his pre-game while dragging and pulling my suitcases and boxes.

To be honest, this was only a misfortune for me. Gladly, he was not fazed by it and he was rather surprised to see me show up. He thought that I wasn’t going to be able to make it based upon a text message. Well, he misinterpreted what I actually meant. I basically asked if, I repeat, if I didn’t show up, would he be upset? He responded by saying whether I did or didn’t was my choice. To me, that basically meant he didn’t care (at least that’s how I interpreted it.) But of course, when I walked through the door, I received a whole different reaction! He was ecstatic to see me as he had missed me and I him but he didn’t hesitate to lecture me about what I meant from my text message. We sorted it out, through some sassy comments, hand gestures, and laughs; it all ended well.

After locking my life’s belongings into my room, I came back out into the living room for the party. People began to show up, one by one and eventually, horde by horde. I was quite surprised as to how many people actually showed up. The entire apartment was filled and we were all packed like sardines! It was really suffocating and the overall environment reminded me why I don’t go to college parties or big parties in general.

For one thing, it was so crowded that I couldn’t really dance or get to where I wanted as I needed. Every move I made ended with me bumping into someone and that’s not conducive to a great party environment for me. I need space to dance because I love to dance and a party is a great place to do it without extreme judgment.

For another thing, everyone was drinking and I wasn’t. Why you might ask? Because, I don’t drink. I have never really seen the benefits to drinking. I know the effects it has on the human body and while that can be wonderful to enjoy in moderation, I treasure my ability to comprehend things fully too much to impede it. Perhaps one day when I become of legal age, I will try it just to say I tried it; I don’t think it will end with me become an occasional drinker however. I will say though, drunken people are fun to be around and yet annoying at the same time. They tend to not care about social expectances and norms, yet they become so needy of certain things. They tend to get more hype as they continue to drink yet they become so slow that it’s difficult to deal with them intellectually. And let me not even start on the scent of their breath after drinking! That is quite a repulsive smell to me, regardless if it’s wine, beer or liquor.

Something else that also bothered me was that because there were so many people, I couldn’t enjoy the music unless I was right next to the sound system. There was some very wonderful music played last night but most of it I missed or didn’t find out about until I personally checked the playlist. I consider that a missed opportunity but it’s one I must live with.

Overall, those were the things that made the party unsatisfying and underwhelming. Sure, that’s not a long list or one that should surprise those who party often and I am aware of this. Still, last night’s party was one that took effort for me to enjoy.

Of course, I did say that I enjoyed the party overall by the end of it and that’s because of who showed up and not what was going on. I got to reconnect with some interesting people that I hadn’t seen since summer started and I also got to see some friends I missed. In fact, I had more opportunities to invest in friendships last night than I’ve had in a while. It was quite refreshing dealing with people whom I had been out of touch with for so long; it was also refreshing to stretch my social muscles.

Being able to talk for so many hours, put me in good spirits even though most conversation was superficial. I even discussed my mutual dissatisfaction about the party with a good friend who showed up and that even brought my spirits up. I must be honest and say that we both agreed that we were on different levels and so could not truly enjoy ourselves in the environment that we were in.

By then end of it all, after the spiked punch and the snacks and cake and hectic everything, I began to enjoy myself. The reason was because the party lessened to the few people I enjoy engaging with and so it felt more like a kickback rather than a party (something right up my alley.) At that moment, I began to truly enjoy who I was with and remember what it’s like to experience a person in their wholeness without interruption. It progressed forward with singing and late night plans. We dared to adventure and become reckless.

So what is there for me to really say about this whole event? Nothing except for a few things: I’m not a party-goer but as long as I have some friends to spend it with, I can survive. Parties are an awesome way to meet people, reconnect and relax with recreation. Still, I know what I like out of a party and that’s enough for me. I’ll gravitate toward what I like and make the most of it.

Just wanted to come and inform you of some recent events since moving back to my college town. I still believe it’s gonna be an interesting year so I plan to make the most out of it like I did the party. Of course I’m obligated to experiment with my tastes because after all, this is college I’m talking about.

College is a great time to experiment and parties are a good way to quickly find out somethings about yourself. However, in general, how do you like to party? What do you find recreational at a party setting? Leave all your thoughts below.


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