Metaphysical Monday: What Shape Is All Of Existence?

The following information presented in this article is a mixture of personal observations and beliefs, and academic research. All unoriginal material and information will be referenced at the end of the article, with links to the sites. Please bear in mind that this article was written under extreme time constraints and is open to scrutiny from any readers.

The universe. It is quite a daunting topic to discuss however, let us not be afraid to delve into the horrors which the human mind produces. The universe as we know it is far bigger, and probably more significant than the impacts we humans make on each other daily; for in the grand scheme of existence, we are but a small reprise of something greater. Still, while the universe is already an intimidating topic to ponder on, another factor can further complicate this pondering: what lies beyond the universe. In fact, beyond the many galaxies, nebulas, and stars, more than likely something else exists. We just don’t know what it is yet. This will not intimidate our curious minds from debating and forming opinions on such a topic. Continue reading