The Good, The Bad, And The Grand: Teachers In Life

Hi Wonderful Listeners!

You know, lately I’ve been thinking about school. I mean, if I’m attending school then of course it would have to cross my mind, right? Anyway, what has enticed my mind recently is the idea of a teacher. Where I attend college, I happen to encounter many wonderful professors; my college is lucky in that regard. Yet, even though there are many great teachers, only a few ever make a mark on my psyche or life.

That got me to thinking: what makes a good teacher and how do you know you have a good one? Continue reading

Blogging201: Ride The Waves To Success!

Hey there Wonderful Listeners!

So, guess what? This is the first post of Blogging201. That means this is day 1 as well. Now for those who don’t know, I participated in Blogging101 way back in July of this year. Man, that seems so long ago. With that in mind, I decided to pick up the follow-up course too, y’know, for the sake of completion and personal improvement. Continue reading