Blogging201: It All Adds Up…

Hello Wonderful Listeners!

It is the second day of Blogging201 and I must say, today’s assignment is an in-depth one. It certainly is not one to be done in a day but that won’t stop me from commenting my opinions.

Today assignment was to “audit” my brand; i.e. make it my own and make sure it conveys my overall intent (and/or some minor intents.) Welp, at first glance I assumed that I might have already done this back in Blogging101. However, my goals have changed and that requires readdressing my brand and how to “audit” it.

First, I wanna address the overall intent. I do believe my current blog appearance and hierarchy supports this intent. At then end of it all, this is a personal haven and diary for me whether that means I come to vent, or be weird or what-have-you. As it stands now, this blog is supporting that. Many of my technical set-ups (sidebars, menus, widgets, etc.) all reinforce my theme of “this spot is for me to be free;” they also happen to reinforce my pineapple overtone as well.

Now on the minor level, it is possible that my blog is not standing up to these goals I announced yesterday. One of my goals was to evoke more viewers to comment and interact with me, the creator, as well as their peers in the comment section. However, these comments are, to be honest, few and far between. (Now of course, there are those who stand loyal beside me and comment frequently enough that they contradict this. However, the majority of my followers [I’m referring to those who actually read my posts] do not comment after reading; a simple “like” is the only evidence of interaction, which, although appreciated, is not my goal.) I would like to change that, and I’m sure I’ll conceive a plan soon.

As for the other goals, they are more personal but perhaps when my artwork gets posted, I may flash it around here and there. It could possibly help the atmosphere a bit.

These are my current thoughts on the situation prior to taking action. If you have any suggestions as to how I may reinforce these goals or ideas, please leave a comment below! I think I have gone and completed (or at least started) today’s assignment. As they say, it all adds up over time. That will do it for now then.

Until next time, as always, cheers.

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11 thoughts on “Blogging201: It All Adds Up…

  1. You know I’ll comment! This is a very tough assignment. I basically use my iPhone. So I don’t see all the widgets and sidebars, etc. I can’t compare my site because this app reduces all of ours to a simple design-except a few blogs. Your header and colors are unique and very individualized-and pleasing to the palette. You snagged me from day 1 in blogging 101. Does it help that I eat fresh pineapple every day year around? Maybe! But I also like your writing style and “voice.” I sense you’re talking with me. I’ll have to turn on my computer to look at your entire site. Today and tomorrow are travel days, so it’ll take me a while to do that….and to look at my site. For now, two thumbs up!

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    1. Guess what, I decided to look around your site and discovered I can see all your widgets, footer, etc. I checked out your questionaire, too. Clever. First, your artistic talent shows. Everything really looks good. My only suggestion is to add a standard blurb at the end of each post is to say something to the effect, “first time here? Drop by my questionaire page here” and add a link to drive more traffic there…maybe learn more about your visitor with a question about what they like in a blog? I just saw it and I think I’ve read nearly every post of yours. It’s an appealing and easy poll.
      As for my blog, you pointed out to me if I want to meet my goals, I need to work on mine. I have no artistic flair and I just threw my site together. Ugh inneed a drawing board….

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      1. Yea, I can go more in depth about exactly what things might help your site. I’ll be sure to leave a comment there soon as repayment for your help. 🙂 And thank you for that suggestion! That is a simple but powerful way to drive traffic to those places.

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