Blogging201: For Those On-The-Go

Hi Wonderful Listeners.

I’m gonna be short and sweet on this post. I’m on a bit of a time crunch so I’ll make this quick. Today’s assignment, that would be day three of Blogging201, asked us to make our blog site mobile friendly.

To be honest, my site has already been doing this so I’ve fulfilled that requirement already! Simple, right? I actually read most of the blogs I follow on my phone so it just made sense to make my own site mobile friendly. Now, I might go and change a few things for each mobile device as suggested but that will show itself in time.

Otherwise, I hope you’re having a wonderful time. So, until next time, cheers!

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11 thoughts on “Blogging201: For Those On-The-Go

        1. Hey Debbie. I left you some feedback for you blogs. There’s a page called “For Debbie” in my menu at the top of my blog. It is password protected. Just type in the password in all caps. The password is your mobile home, two letters (take a guess as to what they are.) If you have trouble getting in, let me know and I’ll simply open it up to the public and you can go in at your leisure. Keep in mind, after Blogging201 ends, I will remove the page so copy the feedback down if you need to. Feel free to leave questions there too if you want. Comments are open.

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          1. These suggestions are wonderful! I’ve copied them so you can delete. Or leave up for a few days as I rework my sites if I get stumped. Only the one area has me so far. It’s in my comments back.
            This means a lot to me. You are so gifted!

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