Blogging201: From Stats To Surplus (Maybe?)

Hello Wonderful Listeners.

Today is the 4th day of Blogging201. So far, I’ve been enjoying the experience of being back in university. It’s quite refreshing, especially since I’m reconnecting with my lovely peers from Blogging101. Good times are what I am experiencing.

So, today’s assignment was to organize a calendar for the next month based on analysis of our stats page. Now, if I can be real with you, I personally do have a bad habit of looking at my stats page. For me, it can be fulfilling to see those numbers slowly rise up and collect over time. However, I do know if I’ve been using those numbers as efficiently as I could’ve. So, for the sake of change, I’ll start by answering the proposed questions to help me make the most of those pesky little vices.

  1. What are your top posts by views? What are your top posts by number of likes or comments?
    1. Assuming that the Home page does not qualify, my top posts are my About page, those from Blogging101, and one particular post about sexuality. I suppose that makes sense. Usually the first thing viewers look at is an about page to understand what they’re in for. I found most of my audience through Blogging101 so of course those are still highly viewed posts. As for that last post, well, I suppose that the topic was enough to snag attention.
    2. Going by number of likes, that awards goes to, you might’ve guessed, the Blogging101 posts. However, going by comments, the posts get more varied. By comments, it is a mixture of Blogging101 and random ones from all over my site in equal balance. So it seems that while my posts regarding my previous journey through Blogging University are the most liked, my posts all have equal chance of receiving comments.
  2. Which topics do these posts represent?
    1. I answered the majority of that already. For those other unnamed posts, I am referring to my poetry, diary entries, and contemplative posts.
  3. Are there posts or topics you are surprised are popular? Can your stats provide a hint as to why?
    1. No, I’m not surprised that the posts that are “popular” are indeed so. Many of them were based around a group event and community that disbanded after two weeks. Traffic was high during those weeks and slowed tremendously afterwards.
    2. I don’t think that stats can provide a hint as to why but I might have an idea myself. Most of those who comment on my posts are great writers (or at least are quite passionate themselves about writing.) So, my posts in which my writing skills are showcased heavily are the ones that receive a bit more attention.
  4. Which times and days of the week bring the most traffic? When should you plan to publish new posts on popular topics?
    1. Mondays are the heaviest day. 6 AM is the heaviest time.
    2. I suppose I should publish my best stuff at that time. Granted that works against my schedule but I can try to work around that to maybe increase efficiency.

So now I have some information to help build a calendar. However, I was never really one to plan ahead or set things in advance. I will say I have already scheduled posts in advance for the next few weeks because of school. I suppose that is my plan. After all, this blog has a natural spontaneity to it which is why it’s hard to plan anything on this site. Still, I believe that this exercise has brought to light some unknowns which I will use to my advantage.

I think that will complete today’s assignment. So, until next time, as always, cheers.

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2 thoughts on “Blogging201: From Stats To Surplus (Maybe?)

  1. You always provide a nice framework for me on these assignments! Hope I can write my analysis. Interesting for me is the fact I have two blogs….dare I compare! Of course!
    I’d like to invite you to join Blogging 101 Alumni from July’s BU. this is a great cohort and for now, admission is open. It will give you another rich audience. Many are also taking BU 201. You’ll feel welcomed!
    What is your Twitter handle and I will invite you in. And/or, just drop in and look around:


    1. Thanks Debbie. You know, share experiences often do help others. And since I’m rather longwinded, I suppose it’s easy to get information out of me. I think I’ll check out the Alumni page! Probably will help me out. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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