Selfish is the sadness that engulfs the mind, body, and soul,
Unfaltering in its goal to render the human un-whole.
It incapacitates the ability to call for help, to call for a friend.
Consciously it separates any source that can a wound mend.
In the end it leaves no choice but to empty the red-running vein,
Down to the final drop and in doing so, leaving a victim slain.
Egotistically insane is suicide, and it slyly over the weak reigns.

This poem was written in response to the month of September, Suicide Prevention Month. Suicide is a complicated topic to address for every case is different and should never be taken lightly. Yet, when we know of its presence in a loved one’s life, it seems to always have an upper hand until the final moment. Only when the climax is reached do we ever know if our efforts are fruitful or unsuccessful.

If you know someone who is feeling suicidal, or you yourself are, please get help! Talk to someone who cares or anyone who will listen. Often times, if you can just make the first step in letting someone know, the death can be prevented. For those who sympathize with this cause, please spread the word!

*A thank you to memeesmusings for inspiring this poem and for spreading awareness*


12 thoughts on “Suicide

    1. Yes, I can agree that death can serve as a lesson to the living. However, I don’t believe people were born just to die yet sometimes we are powerless to prevent an early death.
      However, suicide is a mental construct based on individual perception. And one’s mind can always change (whether by time or by force.) Quite a difficult topic to discuss indeed and it begs the pondering of different life purposes.

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        1. Yes, that is quite a profound yet timeless notion. The spirit lives on when the body fades away. And for the spirit, physical death is just another happening in the grand scheme of everything.
          Thank you for sharing your thoughts. 🙂


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