Teachers, The-Less-Than-Human Humans

You know what’s so funny? Teachers are people too. You might be thinking, “Well, duh. Of course they are.” To be frank, as well aware as I am that teachers are people too, it’s still hard to see them as more than that. Actually it’s rather sad that that’s my mindset but it is.

It’s not so easy to identify with your teacher, possibly because they are an authority figure. I suppose if I saw them outside of class, we could have coffee or something and just enjoy each others’ company. The problem there then lies with whether or not they wish to see you as more than a student.

Now, I know you can’t force anyone to do anything really. Humans are free to make their own choices. Yet, I feel this way because I’ve met and experienced some grand people as teachers; and what would make it even better was if I could go beyond such a barrier. Then again, we meet people every day who seem amazing, only to never see them again. They are just a one-time experience, meant to be cherished. Teachers, however, shouldn’t be as such. Why should anyone be denied a great possible friendship just because of awkwardness and norms?

At this point, I suppose it’s like trying to make friends with someone outside your realm of normalcy and theirs. What I mean, for example, is that it’s hard to make friends with those not like you. It’s hard to be young and make friends with middle-aged or elderly folk. It’s hard to make friends with those of opposite beliefs but then again, the world is opening up its mind. I think, maybe, age is just one factor we have a hard time getting over; more than race, more than belief, more than culture.

Why is age such a hard thing to overlook when making friends? Maybe because we want to invest in long-term relationships; after all, if you’re young and have an elderly friend, they won’t be around as long as those your age. The reverse is true, only you won’t be around long enough.

Regardless of anything, these are fleeting thoughts. Maybe my questions will be answered in time. I suppose, I can only wait.

That concludes this entry. Until next time, cheers Wonderful Listeners.

Have you ever made great friends with a teacher of yours? If so, are you still friends? Leave all your thoughts below.


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