Blogging201: You’re Invited To The Blogging Social!

Hello again Wonderful Listeners.

This post is coming at you late because I’ve been busy trying to keep up with school. But, I mean, better late than never right? Let me not waste time.

Today’s assignment (well, yesterday’s that is) was to establish a social media account for our blog and create an outline. Well, I already have one for my blog! It’s a Facebook fan page which you can find here.

However, the bigger question remains as to how I’m going to successfully use it. To be honest, it hasn’t been all that successful and that’s because people aren’t really interacting with it. Don’t get me wrong; there are viewers viewing my content via Facebook. However, no one is interacting with it past using it as a portal to my blog site.

You know I do happen to post small talk stuff on there and ask simple questions and things of that nature. Still, I don’t believe anyone has checked for that stuff. I know a fan page can be a real place where people can interact with me outside of blog posts. Maybe it’ll be used for that purpose soon.

Ah, sorry. I’m just over here rambling and ranting on. I suppose I should declare a schedule of some kind or a goal. How about this: for the next month, I’ll share something that made me happy/laugh every week. That way, it’s something that can actually get reshared rather than just looked at and ignored (or at least not ignored as easily.)

Well, I guess I’ve gone and handle this assignment. Wasn’t the most interesting  but whatever. Until next time, cheers.

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