Blogging201: Between Home And Abroad (Sorta)

Hey there Wonderful Listeners!

Today (actually, yesterday) marked day 8 of Blogging201. Our assignment was to link our blog to our online presence elsewhere and vice versa. That meant lots of back-and-forth between WordPress and other places.

Now, I’d love to do this assignment, but I can’t really. Not because I don’t want to but because I don’t really have a presence elsewhere. This is my only real presence online, this blog which you are reading. While I have a Facebook fan page, I have already mentioned that before on this blog; more importantly, it was created as a response to this blog.

So, while I’d love to both have you here at home and take you abroad to my other realms, I cannot. However, there may come the day when I will invite you into a new realm that I create, once I create it that is. Until that time, we shall meet in the same place we always do, at any time you’d like.

Now, I think that will do for this assignment. In the meantime, I’ll try and clean up my blog and my new features. I’ll also try and maybe do some more reading of blogs and what-have-you.

So as always, until next time, cheers! I do enjoy having you lovely people around. 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Blogging201: Between Home And Abroad (Sorta)

  1. It would be great, and easy to at least set up a twitter account! I’m loving being able to support other bloggers by sharing some of their very touching and important posts. And it’s easy to manage….very little time commitment. Just another thought!
    I think Instagram is also supposed to be easy and fun. You just send out a cool pic of where ever you are. I really need that for some of my great hikes! But I have too many other accounts to manage.

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    1. I hear ya. Well, I thought about it but still, I’d rather get an account I know I’ll uphold and real forward it. If I know I won’t, I’m not gonna bother to waste my time.
      Besides, you’re always welcome to share my stuff on any platform you wish with the share buttons!

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