Blogging201: You’ve Got A Friend In Me…

Hello Wonderful Listeners!

Oh my this is absolutely exciting! I’m gonna jump right into it. Today’s assignment asked one simple thing: to find a blogging buddy. Yep! That’s exciting and what’s more exciting is that the assignment suggested hosting guest blogs from the blog buddy. That’s brilliant!

Now, I’m sure maybe I’m flipping out over something trivial but this is like a day at the park for me. This assignment actually implies that severe interaction will occur between myself and the person of my choosing. That is something I’ve craved since figuring out my intended audience back in Blogging101.

Before you go asking who this new buddy might be, I’ll say that I won’t tell. Nope! I’ll let it be a surprise, or at least forewarn you at a later date. Besides, I have to go find this buddy first. While I’m open, not everyone else will be. If nothing else, at least when I do find this buddy, I’ll have someone to have my back and that’s always nice. In fact, I already have a few in mind.

While I would love to take up more of your time with my rambling, I unfortunately must go. Yes, I’ve been busy lately so I have little time for the things I love. Promise to spend a long time with you soon, maybe over tea.

Until next time, cheers!

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