Blogging201: Edits From The Audience

Hello Wonderful Listeners!

It is day 10 of Blogging201. How did I manage to make it this far? I’m not sure really but the journey has been a successful one I believe. I’ve been busy so there have been some ups and downs but not to worry. I’m a bit more stable now.

Anyway, today’s assignment asked us to collect feedback information, by poll or by survey or both (if we fancy.) I believe I’m going to choose a survey and a poll. I’ll be leaving them on a new page I’ll be implementing into my site simply called Feedback. You can fill out the survey there.

The survey is one that will help me gather some wanted information about my site and your relationship to it. I would be extremely grateful if you took a few minutes to fill it out to the best of your abilities!

The polls I’ll be leaving on that page as well. They’ll be varied but short little questions which can help better the site. I implore you to answer those as well.

Otherwise, that’ all I have to say on the matter. That will also complete the assignment for today. So until next time, as always, cheers!

<– Day 9                                                                                                                         Last Day –>


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