Blogging201: Reflection In The Water

Hey there Wonderful Listeners.

Wow. This class came and went like that! Just here and then not! It was quite a wonderful time and I enjoyed myself fully.

I will say that I learned quite a bit from this class although half of it felt like a review of the last one I took. Still, many things can be learned from reviewing as it solidifies what you learned and what you didn’t. I can say I learned a lot but that I also need some more time for it to truly sink in forever.

The reflection in the water that I see of myself after this class is quite discombobulated. Not because the class was hectic but because life was at the time. The ripples are distorting the image but when the water calms, I’ll have a clearer picture of how I truly look. I await that time.

Otherwise, I’d say that this class was another successful experience. I am quite fulfilled with myself. Now I’m just waiting on the other half of myself to catch up to me. Thanks Blogging University. You’ve done it again.

That’s all. Until next time, cheers!

<– Day 10


10 thoughts on “Blogging201: Reflection In The Water

    1. It happens. The beautiful thing is that you can take the assingments at your own pace. You don’t have to complete them on time because there is no time limit. Invest in what’s most important and then follow up with the rest. 😉


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