Eloy, The Man Down The Street

Hey there Wonderful Listeners.

A few days ago I met a man named Eloy whilst on my travels. He was an interesting old man. He managed to catch my attention in a strange but innocent way. You know how elderly can have that charm.

Oh. Wait. Before I go any further with this story, let me start by explaining the context. So I was out taking photographs (which I should be doing more often being honest) of pretty much whatever sparked my attention. For my classes this semester, I’m pretty much going to sink unless I have a camera on me at all times, so now I pretty much do.

Anyway, I decided after a very, very, very, long day to go out and just shoot some photos. I was pretty much dreading having to take a test and I’m sure I barely passed. Time writings were never my strong suit. I digress. I walked not too far to find some lovely spots, which by the way, there are plenty of beautiful and somewhat secluded spots around my current residence. If I could map out these places, oh!

Sorry, back to the story. I shot for about an hour and 45 minutes. I got so pretty nice shots and some decent ones. You never what might actually become useful later. On the way back to my house, that’s where I ran into Eloy. As I said before, he had this wonderful charm about him. He even invited me to come back and talk with him again, possibly in his house (which made me nervous, I won’t lie.)

What we actually talked about, well, it was rather just organic and unscripted. It started off as a proposal to buy something from a yard sale, and then it segued into a conversation about generalities. We somehow talked about his past, his preference of private schools over public schools (he was a retired school teacher), and his lonely life living alone. It made me rather sad when I heard a guy like him was living alone. I have no knowledge as to why that is but I just can’t shake off how generous and charismatic he was.

He had this presence that made you want to like him regardless of your suspicions. Trust me, I had some suspicions. Then again, I admit it was a nice break from my regular life. I normally never talk to strangers but I didn’t mind stopping to talk with him for some reason. If I felt unsafe or bored, I would’ve left quickly into the conversation, but, I didn’t.

It’s possible I might talk with him again. He seems like he needs a friend, or at least someone to listen to him and keep him company during the day. It kind of boggles me how he is retired and can sit around all day doing nothing. Well, he does tasks to keep him busy, like fixing small stuff and whatnot; still, I know that there’s a yearning behind his character. I can feel it.

I would hope that I’m not being gullible about his character and that he’s not really as secretly deceitful and evil as I could imagine him possibly being. But, I know I’m smarter than that to just fall into a trap like that so easily. Even if it was something bad in the end, I wouldn’t go out without a fight. I’d have to kill, er, knock him out.

Ah, but what am I saying. That’s just a possible scenario that cannot be confirmed or denied. Regardless, it was an interesting experience. I enjoyed it and I wouldn’t mind seeing Eloy again, or at least saying “hi” like I did today.

That’s the story this go round. I hope you enjoyed it. Until next time, cheers!

Do you know anyone in your community whose like Eloy? Would you risk contacting him again if you were me? Leave all your thoughts below!


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