Pieces of Me: A History That Shapes The Present

Hi Wonderful Listeners!

With the last piece, you’ve now collected quite a few pieces of me now haven’t you? I wonder if I’ve been an interesting character to piece together; maybe, maybe not. Regardless, you’ve come here for the last piece and I’m here to give it to you. Let me quickly say that it’s a history of my past. I’m giving you the opportunity to familiarize yourself with me, rather intimately. I hope you enjoy. Continue reading

Return To The Liebster Award

Well here I am again! It seems I’ve been renominated for the Liebster award! Such an honor when you can receive it more than once in life! 😀 I’d like to thank Roguecatt for bestowing this honor upon me again. It’s is much appreciated. If you enjoy my blog, or randomness about life and spontaneous and spunky attitude, you’d enjoy poking around her realm. Continue reading