Pieces of Me: My Incomplete Identity

Hi Wonderful Listeners!

I have some rather interesting news for you. You’re probably wondering what that news is no doubt? Well, let me start by saying it has nothing to do with unfortunate events. No, my life has not fallen down that path of misery and woe (not yet at least.) Actually, my news is quite good! (For some of my viewers however, I have a feeling it will be a bit dissatisfying but more so for their own tastes.)

Let me get straight to the news then. I’ve decided to share a little more of myself with you wonderful people! Yes. Now stay with me. I know I’ve already been quite open with you as you may know so how can I become more disclosed? Well, that thought occurred to me while looking at comments some days ago. While reading through and responding to them (as I adore doing and do so often), I began to realize just how open others were with their appearance; most of the commenters I’ve seen have Gravatars of themselves. That’s quite normal in the internet world as it becomes easier to attach a face with a name and/or brand.

I realize that I have never done that on my blog. Think about it. When you read my blog and its posts, my voice may come through (as I believe I have a distinctive enough voice); but what does it sound like in reality? No one who doesn’t personally know me knows. What about my face? What does it look like? Can you imagine what it looks like simply based on my words? I bet you couldn’t. In fact, I know you can’t. Do you know why? Because I’ve made conscious efforts to keep my identity obscured from this blog.

This of course might beg a question: why do you choose to keep your identity hidden? Well, I don’t do it because I’m intimidated by the possible risks that are associated with revealing yourself online. Far from it. In fact, I actually have kept my identity hidden for one rather very simple reason actually: I wanted you to enjoy my content for its own appeal and for no other reason. I believed the easiest way to achieve that was to hide parts of myself so that my content took the spotlight. Now I have come to the conclusion, after almost a year of blogging, that my content is interesting enough to hold a faithful audience regardless of my identity.

For you, the Wonderful Listeners, that means that the Pineapple will be taken out of the shadows and revealed. However, I’m not going to do it straight away. No, that wouldn’t be any fun at all! Where would the excitement of finally putting a face to a name go? So, to ensure that this remains fun (at least for me and I’d hope you as well), I’m going to give you pieces of me until the picture becomes clear.

I think I’ll stick with giving you one piece every week until I’ve cleared up most of the picture. I say most because, there will probably always be some part of me that only the few will get to see. I do hope that this will be as exciting for you as it is for me! It’s not every day that the Pineapple decides to come out of the shadow and stay out.

Starting next week, I’ll begin to reveal pieces of myself to you on Wednesdays. Look for posts with the words “Pieces of Me” in the title. I do hope you look forward to it. Until the next time, cheers!


Are you excited for the upcoming reveals? Do you think exposing my identity will help or hurt my blog and/or your experience? Leave all your thoughts below!


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