Pieces of Me: A Voice For Those Silent Words

Hi Wonderful Listeners!

Today, I have something for you. I am giving you the gift of sound. What sound you might ask? My voice, as simple as that. Now that may not be the most exciting thing in the world but I think it’s important and useful. Who knows? It is possible that sometime in the future that I may voice myself again on another post. It all just depends.

I’ve decided to reveal my voice in an efficient way. It would be rather anti-climactic if I just openly said something banal and boring as a reveal for my voice. Oh no. I decided to at least give you something meatier for your consumption. I decided to give you a short reading of a poem I just wrote! A poem, just for this post.

But let me not hold you up with all of this babbling. I suppose you’d like to hear my voice now. Well, go ahead and click on that player below! Enjoy the reading as well. I’ve left the actual poem below so you can read along as well.



What’s In A Voice


What is there in a voice,

This sound that has personality?

I think maybe it’s the pitch or tone,

But that’s not all in actuality.

It has a fluctuation

That tells me when it’s happy or lies;

It can convey emotions

Sometimes not seen by the eyes.

And it is a living entity,

One that can ail and feel ill;

Lose its luster it can or might

But it shines from the strength of will.

A voice, like mine or yours

Is but a tool for a greater body of work;

Still there’s something special about it,

Something that give it a cool quirk.

The voice,

The sound of individual trait

Is one linked to the body,

And therefore sealed in its fate.


Well, how was it? I do hope you enjoyed that little snippet of me. However, that was me being a bit theatrical. I mean, it was a reading of poetry after all. It would be anarchy to read it without some notation of voice.

But let’s try a different angle. Maybe, you’d like to hear me just speak normally? That will probably be the voice you’d use to read along with when reading my posts. Let me supply you with it. This time, I’m going to read an excerpt from one of my previous posts: The Downfall of the Therapeutic Friend. Click the player below to listen! I’ll also leave the actual text below as well so you can continue to read along.



People are complicated. People require time and delicate attention as well as a careful hand to mend them. I seem to have the hand and I love using it. Even for strangers, I like to mend them. I mean, as long as I don’t feel uncomfortable around them, if I detect something is amiss, I will want to mend it.

What’s more interesting is that it is in my nature to maintain the things that I mend. If it means that I must do something I don’t normally do, I will if it will maintain the status of what I have mended. That also means that I don’t give up on things that I have worked on. I persevere, making sure that my work has not faltered. It requires a sacrifice of my own being but it is a habit that I cannot break and that I don’t want to break.

For all that it’s worth, I believe I am a good person with good intentions. But they also say that “the road to hell is paved with good intentions.” Perhaps I am currently walking that road and don’t even know it; perhaps not.


I think you have at least a bit more understanding of me. You’ve got my voice. And knowing what it sounds like can alter how you interpret my writing. Still, because there is more of me in it, it is more intimate than before for you, the viewer. I do hope that it is beneficial for you or at least not harmful. One can never truly know how the masses will react until they actually do. Regardless, it is now for you to use or not to use so use it how you see fit.

Otherwise, congrats on claiming a piece of me for yourself! But the identity is not yet whole. In fact, it is still quite fractured. Be sure to stick around to collect more pieces and puzzle together the picture. Next week, be ready for a character lesson (just to give you a hint as to what might come!) I think you may find the next piece of me rather intriguing, if nothing else.

Anyways, that’s all for this time. As always, until the very next time, cheers!


6 thoughts on “Pieces of Me: A Voice For Those Silent Words

  1. Absolutely loved this piece of you! Thank you for sharing. And, I might add, what a fun little feature you have going here. I admit I found your face first, but I had to go back to the beginning to see more pieces of you. So I am sure you’ll hear from me in the comments again real soon!

    I loved your poem and your delivery of it. For me, hearing it spoken, was more powerful than simply reading the words. Perhaps in the future you will read all of your poems for us! 😉

    ☀ Memee

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh this is so much fun! When we first met in July’s Blogging 101, I could tell you were very gifted. And that opinion has only grown as I have watched your blog getting better and better (I thought you were a pro when I first read you blog….). You have an amazing blog and I appreciate your help with mine. I loved hearing your voice….tells me you are even more talented! I love the poem and the delivery was so heart felt.

    Liked by 1 person

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