Falling Behind

Sometimes, the blog-o-sphere just moves too fast! I can’t keep up with all the wonderful things it has to offer. Especially, because lately I have been so fully immersed into chaos that I cannot stabilize anything to make sure I keep up.

I wish it would slow down sometimes. In fact, I wish life would slow down sometimes and make room for the things that rejuvenate us as humans. I know I could use to R&R but alas, that is not my life at the moment!

No, I must simply carry on and attempt to catch up with the ever-moving universe. While I need to take breaks, it seemingly never does. I can’t imagine, now in the grand scheme of things, how I ever managed to keep up in the past.

I believe that as your horizons broaden and your network grows, you begin to carry more weight. Eventually with all there can be in life, something must give. I just wish it wasn’t me that was giving. I wish, oh I just wish, for a day free of the tempest.
Can’t I just be Christopher and walk alongside Pooh Bear? I’d very much appreciate a life like that. I suppose I’ll have plenty of time for that when my legs grow weary but I am too young and to agile to be there yet I guess. One day though.

Those were just a few thoughts for you. Can’t really say I was guided by anything but, hey, I’m in haven. Thanks for stopping by. As always, until next time, cheers.

Ever feel like you’re falling behind? Do you feel some sort of pressure to keep up with your followed blogs? Leave all your thoughts below!


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