Pieces of Me: A History That Shapes The Present

Hi Wonderful Listeners!

With the last piece, you’ve now collected quite a few pieces of me now haven’t you? I wonder if I’ve been an interesting character to piece together; maybe, maybe not. Regardless, you’ve come here for the last piece and I’m here to give it to you. Let me quickly say that it’s a history of my past. I’m giving you the opportunity to familiarize yourself with me, rather intimately. I hope you enjoy.

Before I really delve into this story (because that’s what it is), I would also like to say that it’s possible that this might get explicit. Just be prepared for that possibility (even though it’s not guaranteed.) Well, let’s go!


4 thoughts on “Pieces of Me: A History That Shapes The Present

    1. My pleasure Kelly! It was quite enthralling to put this one together but well worth it. I’m glad you enjoyed the history lesson 🙂

      Being honest is one of the things I’d rather promote as it makes my presence realer. And anything I put up, I’d like to have put some thought into it. I don’t know how I inspired you but I’m glad I did 😉

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