Happy 1st Birthday Pineapple!

Hi Wonderful Listeners!

Today is a very special day. Why? Well, today is a day to commemorate a special event! The event itself is legendary! Everyone hardly knows of it but it is something that will not go ignored! Ok, now I’m ready to get off of my very weird horse.

But, today is indeed special. It’s official! Today is the Pineapple’s birthday! 😀 Yay! The Pineapple is officially a year old! Can you believe it?

I can’t believe it’s already been a full year since this blog has been running! That’s pretty amazing I must say. I wasn’t even sure if I could honestly keep a blog running along with running my own life but I’ve done it (for the most part anyway.)

Since it is the first birthday of ThoughtsOfaTrainwreckedPineapple, I thought that I should do something special! That sounds fitting right? Well, I thought that I would properly drop a special gift for the infamous date! Actually, I don’t know what to give as a gift. However, I have the honest thought in my heart. This whole time, I’ve been an upcoming blogger. My experience has grown. Think of it… all that has happened over one whole year.

I remember way back when I started this journey. I was lost and frivolous. I decided to listen to a friend and do something I’ve never done on a whim. I suppose we ought to all thank her for pushing me to try this out, otherwise, the Pineapple would remain unknown to the interwebz. I wasn’t quite so rigid at first with a schedule (and I’m still not as rigid but more so) and so I didn’t post much. Then something happened. I decided to join the blogging community in groups and that just allowed me leap forward in bounds.

Through the hectic yet lovely months of running a blog and living a life, I came to realize my blogging potential. In fact, I’m still realizing it. I just kept moving forward, making friends and expressing myself creatively. I came to allow my personal feelings to be observed and it is so grand!

Oh, this year was rough but it was well-worth it! To be honest, not a whole lot happened but when you’re just starting off on a journey, that usually what happens. I will continue to move forward who knows what this next year will bring? Only one way to find out!

I dunno. This seems a bit underwhelming for a first birthday. But then again, there are many ways to celebrate a birthday. And you know what? That’s OK. I can at least give you one solid gift; that is to say “Happy Birthday!” I love you Pineapple. Thank you for all you’ve given me. 🙂

Well, I suppose that will do it. Maybe next year, I’ll have something super special planned! We’ll see I guess. So, until next time, cheers Wonderful Listeners. And cheers to you Pineapple, you lovable child!

How long have you been blogging for? If you’re blog was a person, what gift would you give it on its birthday? How would you celebrate its birthday? Leave all your thoughts below!


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