For The Love of ASMR

Hey there Wonderful Listeners!

I’m gotta say, I’m a bit nervous about this one. But I’m gonna talk about it anyway! So have I secret I wish to share… I have this condition. It’s not terminal, fatal or anything like that. It’s not bad but it is a weird one. Let me just say that I’m weird to begin with!

But have any of you who are reading this, heard of something called ASMR? It’s a rather strange condition that has its own community, and I belong to that community. It’s a pretty nice community to be in actually.  Continue reading

If Tomorrow Comes…personal

This was such a wonderful thing to read. So, I simply had a share it with you guys! Follow your passions!

a cooking pot and twisted tales

Recently, I had a chat with a friend and we spoke about passion. Since we had that chat, I have been mulling over bits and pieces of our conversation and chewing on the fat of things.Chase the vision

During our chat, she did not out-rightly deride my passion about writing and public speaking, but in her opinion, she thinks that it should be classified as a hobby, since I was not yet making pots of money from either.

In her eyes, I was not yet a serious writer because there is no World acclaimed bestseller title under my belt.

As far as she is concerned, I am writing just for the pleasure of writing. At this point I had my tongue in my cheek trying to rein myself in from saying the first thought that fleeted through my mind, which was @#$#$%$##%!

Calmly, I asked her how much…

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To the Artist in Search of Fame

To the artist in search of fame,
I know your struggle.
I am familiar with the decision to pursue validity,
And in return, unintentionally,
Turn away from your art.
I know the want and desire to make yourself known,
To the masses, the critics,
For the folk of the land are not enough.
I know that this path is one that’s dark;
It’s one that you walk alone and blindly.
I know the struggle that comes from this pursuit. Continue reading

It’s A Matter Of Family Business…

Hey there Wonderful Listeners.
Something relatively simple has been on my mind for the past few hours and I can’t seem to get it out of my head. My hope is that by coming to you, my lovely audience, and venting that it might go away. If nothing else, maybe you can suggest a way for me to deal with it.

Anyway, it’s about family. Family is one of those topics that I can be a bit hesitant about. That’s not because I am ashamed of my family or that I don’t love them; quite the opposite in fact. It’s because I started thinking earlier about how different my life, my personality, just everything would be if my family were a little different. Continue reading