Striving For Better Holidays

Hi Wonderful Listeners!

It is the first week of December and I am super excited! Ah… December. It’s a wonderful month, even though it is one that hasn’t harbored the best feelings for me. In the past, December has been underwhelming but I never expressed my disappointment until I started up my blog over a year ago.

But these feelings have nothing to do with what I wanted to say today! Today, I wanted to take another moment to address one of my lovely Listeners: Rougecatt. Now, this isn’t the first time I’ve made a post just for her but this is another promise I must fulfill. Well, actually, it’s not a promise but it is something that I said I would try to do this year.

Last year, Roguecatt commented on one of my posts and she said that I should strive to have a better holiday season. Well, this is me officially saying that I will try to do that! I will have a better holiday season and I will report on it of course 🙂 It will be a subtle but important mission for me as I would love for this mission to be realized.

So here’s to us, Rougecatt! Here’s to a better holiday for me and you! Thank you for being there to support me. It is forever appreciated! 🙂

Well, that’s just a small something I wanted to say. I do hope you guys are having a wonderful life! Life should always strive to be wonderful! Take care of yourselves! And as always, until the next time, cheers!

Do you have any plans for the coming holidays? Leave your thoughts below!


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