Some Observations About Blogging…

Hey Wonderful Listeners!

How are you guys doing? I hope all is well with you 🙂 There’s something I would like to discuss with you. It’s not all that serious of a subject but something that has been on my mind for a little while now. That would be the subject of blogging. Now please don’t be alarmed by this. There’s nothing for me to really complain about but there are a few things I would like to open up for discussion and other things. So why waste time? Let’s get right to it!

What did I really want to say? Well, I’m not exactly sure but it’s somewhere in my brain waiting to be molded into readable text. I promise. But maybe I’ll just start with what sort of sparked this thought in the first place.

So I was glancing over my blog stats as I do from time to time, and I noticed something very strange. Over the past couple of months, more and more people have been finding my blog and following it. That makes me happy. I’ve also noticed something else that is very strange and doesn’t make much sense. Lately, my recent posts have been receiving more likes than views. The only conclusion I’ve made for this possibility is that viewers are simply liking the content without actually viewing it.

You know, being frank (because I can do that in my space), that is rather pointless to me. What point is there in “liking” content in which you have no idea of what it is? I fail to understand exactly what that does for anyone. Seriously. I do know that the posts you like, you can view at a later time in a collection. Still, if the issue was about queuing up reads for later, one could simply bookmark these posts, right? I mean, most mobile devices allow you to at least make a bookmark in a browser or email a link to yourself or something.

I know I could be blowing that little observation out of proportion but I am truly curious as to why this situation is recurring. To be frank, I’m not very concerned with stats (well…for the most part.) That’s not the reason I started this blog in the first place, after all. I’m not really concerned if my site never really comes to renowned.

However, I have noticed a few things that have changed about this blog. I know what I would like for it. I would like it to be a community place. It gets rather lonely simply dumping my thoughts into the blog-o-sphere without any interaction; now that I know what interaction can be like, I would very much like for this site to have more interaction.

Speaking of interaction, I’ve also noticed that the number of comments have dipped lately as well. While I would prefer to constantly be responding to comments, I also know that comments are a very personal thing. I, as a blogger, cannot force anyone to comment on my content if they don’t wish to or have nothing to say. Yet, I do implore you Wonderful Listeners to comment more frequently. I mean, I could use a bit of “talkin’ my ear off” y’know?

I dunno. These are just somethings that have been on my mind lately. I’m sure I’m just a broken record on the “comments” thing but I still stand by that. Yeah, but I guess that’s all I wanted to come and say for the most part. It’s not anything really important (for me but maybe not you) but I just wanted to put that out there anyway.

Well, I’m done being on my soap box for now. Thanks for stopping by. If you managed to read through this entire post, comment “reader” below. Try to be clever about it too. I like it when people are witty 🙂 It’ll also give you a reason to at least leave a comment.

So, as always, until the next time, cheers!

What are your views on commenting? Leave all your thoughts below!


12 thoughts on “Some Observations About Blogging…

  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this. My experience is that I have to be engaged and an active reader in the blogs I follow as the most important together with doing my utmost to write quality posts myself. It’s a long yourney as I have needed practice in writing in English and using many of the WordPress facilities. There will be a course in WordPress one of these days on how to interact in a good way. As Carol says the courses have done a lot of good

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    1. Well Maria, I appreciate you stopping by. I will admit that I have been slacking in reading lately but I’m getting back on the train. I do believe you are right though. It’s a crucial balance of both reading and writing. Maybe I will get back into another course soon. Those always help me out 🙂 Again, thanks for commenting.

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  2. Very interesting! I never thought about this, except I have wondered about the emailed posts. When a post is emailed and I read it from there, does it show up as a view? I like every post I actually read. From Blogging 101, I at least write a few word comment. But TBH, I’ve been unable to attend to my reader, emailed posts, etc. due to busyness and technical difficulties. For example, you know I’m hooked on your fictional story (I generally don’t read fiction-yours just grabbed me), but I missed a few episodes.
    I also try to vote on all your posts I read! I just want to be your #1 encourager! 😄

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    1. Oh I think you pretty much are Debs 😉 I’ve missed you brightening up my comment section.
      Although, I don’t know if an emailed post counts as a view but I can see who subscribes via email so I know exactly who gets the new posts without fail.
      But you know, the difficulties will pass. Thanks for the words of encouragement Debbie 🙂

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        1. Oh I COMPLETELY understand that choice! It’s so overwhelming when you are following and reading so many blogs that receiving all of those emails can just tire you out by looking at them.
          What works for me is that I subscribe to a mailing list for a few particulars that I just cannot bear to miss. Others I’ll come back at a later time and binge. That way reading becomes an event to look forward to! I can dedicate a whole evening to simply reading, commenting and so on.
          Anyway, I totally get it Debbie. Don’t feel bad. 🙂

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  3. Getting likes and lots of views can’t be a bad thing. My experience is that most people on an online community or group are lurkers. They neither post anything, make comments or likes. I find they may share your content. Those who post likes may by your regular readers…..

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    1. I will agree and say that likes and views aren’t bad but they are not my main concern. The number of views is not a priority but rather what comes from that viewer. I understand a “like” as a sign of appreciating someone’s content. That’s fine.
      But whom I seek are those who are willing to open their mouths and verbalize their thoughts along with showing non-verbal gestures. That would offer discussion even if it were short-lived.
      And for my regular readers, I’m slowly figuring out who they are. They often do and up liking and moving about their day.
      Thank you George. I really appreciate your comment. It was refreshing for me. 🙂

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