A Letter To Jacqueline

To Jacqueline,

I must inform you that you are a wonderful person. I’m sure you already knew this but I find that reminders are often necessary to make sure something sticks. I must personally thank you for the things that you have done for me since we’ve met.

What things am I referring to you might ask? Only the small stuff, the tiniest details. I must thank you for being there for me to lift my spirits up when I needed to be lifted. I must thank you for offering you words to me. I must thank you for pretty much being a mom for me. Whether you knew it or not, even when others don’t speak, you reach out to me. You always take some time to offer kind words and I take them to heart generously. Thank you.

I’m sure this small little letter comes a no surprise from someone like me. I know, I’m so predictable. Still, it is only out of the kindness of my heart that I say these things. I know that you already have a son that you love. You should be proud of that for mothering is a task that only the strong can shoulder. But I could feel that motherly vibe flowing out from you in your words. And being frank, I really needed to hear them from time to time.

So thank you for just being there for me. Even though I’m weird and I say weird things, you still don’t mind my personality. I really, really, really, appreciate it. I do hope that your spirits stay high. Such a wonderful person deserves the best from the world.

With the utmost sincerity,



17 thoughts on “A Letter To Jacqueline

  1. Absolutely beautiful! keep shining Jacqueline! This brings a big smile to my face because I know the feeling all too well when someone lets you know the impact you’ve made for the better in their life.

    Abundant blessings , Emma

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  2. This is awesome and brought tears to my eyes! Jacqueline is such a sweet person, her presence is felt all around the blogosphere. Thank you for this letter, if there’s anyone deserving of it…it’s definitely her. You did a wonderful job articulating what she means to you!

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