How Did You Find Me? Why Are You Stalking Me?

Hi Wonderful Listeners!

Oh I’m rather excited about this post! Now, you know I’m usually hype about simple things and this is probably no exception. The reason I’m so excited though, is because it’s story time!

Yes. It is indeed story time but I won’t be telling the story this time. No, not I. You, the Listeners will! What story will you be telling, it’s simple. I’m interested to know how you came to find out about my blog and why you decided to follow it (if you are indeed following.) You know, not everyone comes to one place on the same road and like most things on the internet, there are an immense number of ways to get to the same place. And everyone has their own reasons for deciding to stick around.

Yep. This is one of those posts where it’s driven by the comment section rather than what’s written in the post itself. Strange but rather delightful. But otherwise, that’s the whole of it. This could be a fruitful post or one that dies in silence; it all depends on your responses! 🙂

All types of stories are accepted: short stories, novels, fiction, non-fiction, etc. Your deadlines are non-existent so be sure to get your stories in on time! 🙂

I can’t wait to see you guys in the comments!


11 thoughts on “How Did You Find Me? Why Are You Stalking Me?

  1. We met in July’s blogging 101 course. I love pineapples and we start our day with some plus a few other fresh fruits in season. Somehow, we’ve managed to find Pineapple year around!
    Somehow we clicked! Old white lady meets handsome young man who is not white. I respect your crazy way of massaging the English language into interesting posts! Your blog is so wonderful, I had you mentor me to try and make mine better….so I’m a loyal fan!
    And then, you captured my interest with “Two Sides to Same Coin.” I rarely read fiction. It has to seem very real, with real life scenarios….Voilà! I’m hooked….

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    1. Well, my my my Debbie! That makes perfect sense to me. I suppose my way with words has some power to entice others. Who knew! Well, that gives me more reasons to make more stories. Well, for my #1 cheerleader, I must say that you always have my back. Thanks. And I’m sure I’ll be seeing you again real soon 😉

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