Why I’m In Love With Love

Hi Wonderful Listeners! πŸ™‚

I’m really excited! I’m super happy to be talking about the topic for todayβ€”love. Yes. I love talking about love. It’s one of my favorite subjects to talk about. And if you know anything about me, you’ll know I’m a sucker for it. Honestly, I’m such a sap. But I digress.

Getting back to the matter at hand. I just wanted to come and spew a few thoughts into the air. I hear polluting the environment with the best feeling on Earth does wonders anyway. Oh love! Now I’m in this mood because I just got off of a video spree of heartfelt moments. I’m often empathetic to most situations so it’s very easy for me to feel for someone else.

This got me to thinking about love. I know I’ve experienced love in the past. I know what love feels like when it’s grown old and when it’s first born. When love is first born, it feels like the jitters and like you are almost out of control of what you do in response to the the person you love. (Don’t get me wrong because things and activities are not excluded but I’ll focus on people.) When love grows old, it feels like security and content complacency, but security more so. Well, that’s how I think it can feel.

Also, I love the idea of love (as I’ve said before.) I love to idealize and romanticize the idea of love and the act of loving. But perhaps that’s childish of me. Then again, maybe not; after all, love can provide the happiest state of existence for a human and so reaching it is already putting oneself onto a plane that naturally, well, romanticizes everything. Does that make sense? I hope it does.

But perhaps more than anything, right now, I wish I could feel that love I’ve felt before, to the maximum. Maybe I just wanna feel. Nope, I think I wanna feel love specifically. I know it when I go home to my apartment and see my friends who feel like family. I know it when I realize I don’t have to worry because my friends have my back. I know it when I’m brought to tears thinking about someone else I care about. I know it when I see my little sister.

And that’s another thing! I cry! I don’t cry a lot but as I grow older, I tend to cry more often. As a kid, I held back my tears unless I was in pain (as lots of people tend to do for some odd cultural reason.) Of course, as an adult, I cry for better reasons than I did as a kid. Although, maybe the repressed child in me is just coming out as I grow old and let my barriers down.

That also gets me to thinking about why we pressure boys and men to not cry? Why? Is there really a point when it’s natural for any human? Besides, love often times can lead to a good crying session! I would know. I cry at the sappiest things like Disney movies, or seeing other people express their love. Love just somehow swoops in and fills me up with joy, hugs me, cuddles me, and just, well, loves me. And I love it back to my heart’s content.

Ugh! Look at me. I’m all over the place. Like I had a plan to just talk about love but that didn’t happen. Oh well! Just go with the flow guys. Promise no rough waters lie ahead. Oh but I think my brain is out of things spew to you! Hmm. Well, I guess that concludes this session.

Wait! No! One other thing! I’m also fascinated by the love of a parent to their child(ren.) It’s simply amazing. When a mother smiles at their child, it has meaning and there’s a bond behind that smile. When a father holds their child in their arms and realizes that he gets to watch them grow into people, he is filled with amazement. I get filled with their emotions. Mhh.

I can’t wait to feel this way in my own storybook (but I haven’t reached that chapter yet.) One day I’ll get there though. For now, I guess I’ll suffice with the kinds of love I’m granted and I’ll be thankful for being familiar with that monumental emotion.

OK. Now I believe I’m done. So I do hope you enjoyed that tidbit of me. It was quite a ramble. I would’ve warned you but I didn’t know it was coming! Anyway, hope all is well. And you know what? Why not do something fun and count how many times I said “love” in this post? I’m sure it’s at least over three! Almost positive it is anyway! πŸ™‚

Alrighty! Until the very next time, cheers!

How sappy are you? Does love feel differently to you? Which type of love have you felt most recently? Leave all your thoughts below!


9 thoughts on “Why I’m In Love With Love

    1. Thank you Jacqueline! I’ll never give up on love. It’s too powerful to simply ignore. Besides, love has a way of fixing a lot of things in life. And it is such a great reward for courage and perseverance. πŸ™‚ Thanks for commenting!

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  1. I believed in true love until the age of 32 but not anymore. Not everybody can experience this, just the lucky ones. I am a beautiful and clever woman but never had luck in the men department and I am no longer interest in looking for love. And will not watch any more hollywood made love film.

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    1. Aww. Well, I suppose it’s true that not everybody can experience this feeling although it shouldn’t be this way. I will say this; it doesn’t take two to love. It only takes one. Maybe finding a life partner is not in your cards but that doesn’t have to stop you from loving other people.
      Still, stay beautiful and clever. Who knows thought? It’s possible the universe may surprise you some day later in life. And it’s often when you aren’t looking that the things you want end up in your line of sight.
      The optimist in me says stay hopeful. As long as you find means to be happy and fulfilled, that’s all that matters. πŸ™‚

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