It’s A Big World Alright!

Hey there Wonderful Listeners!

So I was browsing through my stats yesterday and I started looking at the display of the countries where my views come from. Normally, I’m entertained just looking at all the colors vary across the globe but then I started to think about it more.

I started to think about where my audience is placed and who is watching me from where. I realized then, that the blog-o-sphere is truly vast. I’ve noted people from Australia and Romania who read my posts. Australia and Romania! Like that’s crazy to me, how someone half-way across the globe can find my work. That only goes to show the power of blogging I guess.

Other countries browse over my work too, like the United Kingdom, Canada, Nigeria and Finland just to name a few. All places I’ve never been to before but somehow they’ve all came and found me. Little old me down in the United States of America. It makes me wonder how that comes to be.

I mean, the way that WordPress is set up makes it so that we don’t actively recognize the placement of the audiences of the blogs we read. As a viewer, we aren’t aware of who we are responding to (a lot of the times) in comments or where that person lives. It’s only as the blogger do you actively get to see this kind of thing. (I mean, unless there’s some widget that displays the countries on a blog that I’m not aware of.)

But among other things, but looking at the countries where my views come from, I also get to find out where most of my audience is situated at. I’ve noticed, at least consistently over the past few months that my audience is situated in the United States. Hey there fellow Americans! How are you guys?

But then just behind America is the United Kingdom! How crazy is it that the next biggest group lies half-way across the globe? Hello to those in England, Wales, Scotland!

Then right behind the UK is the United Arab Emirates. Hello! I’m ignorant of what makes up that part of the world but I’m sure you guys won’t mind informing me 🙂 What’s it like there? I can only wonder since I’ve never been!

Then we get into Canada! Hello neighbor! How’s the weather up there? It’s pretty bi-polar where I live in the USA.

Then there’s India! I never would’ve thought I’d reach so far across the globe to get to India! Hello! You’ve made up the 5th biggest group in my audience. I ask you too, what’s it like there? I’ve heard that it’s beautiful. Please tell me I’m right!

But sadly after that, it begins to fall off and become inconsistent. But at least I know what countries frequent my blog. But I’m still left in awe at how vast and big and grand the blog-o-sphere really is.

Hey! I have an idea. Let’s say where we’re from and one interesting fact about our city/country/province that maybe isn’t so obvious to the world! That should be fun right? 🙂 This is an invitation to all countries (not just the ones I listed!) Get comfortable in the comments and be excited to spread some knowledge. Make everyone just a little bit smarter!

I’ll start with myself. I’m from Texas located in the United States of America. Although we are one of the biggest states in my country, we also produced one of the most successful soft drinks: Dr Pepper. Specifically, Dr Pepper was first invented in Waco, TX.

What about you guys? Leave your responses below! The world is so vast. I’m sure you guys can find something 🙂 And one last time, I say a friendly “Hello” to all of my viewers and their nations!!

So until next time, no matter where you are in the world, cheers!

Do you write any posts based on where your audience hails from? Do you read other blogs based on where the blogger is situated? Leave your thoughts below!


15 thoughts on “It’s A Big World Alright!

  1. Yep, that is what the internet is all about. Making the world a smaller place. Anything on the net is assailable anywhere in the world. This is coming from True_George from New York the Empire State 2nd in size to Texas. From the largest city and center of the financial world New York City…..

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  2. Since I’m a wanderlust, I’m currently around the southeastern part of the USA.
    Nope, I don’t really write to any particular audience, except I’m getting more conscientious about our international blogosphere! I’m excited about many of my new friends, mainly from India and the Philippines. I’ve added “International Travel” to my personal blog to highlight many of the countries I’ve visited. So in that, maybe I do write a little to them!

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    1. It’s crazy how that big the world is! But hey there Debbie 🙂 Maybe you’ll be in the northeastern part the next time you post. Who knows? :]
      I too am excited for my friends from across the globe. My goodness, I’m making a lot of them too 🙂


    1. Oh hello Jacqueline! That explains so much! You know, I was wondering about this because I noticed your profile said you were from Houston. But then your posts always talk of Dubai. Well, regardless of where you are in the world, you always got a friend in me and a friendly “Hello!” 🙂


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