Nothing New About New Year’s Day

Well hi Wonderful Listeners!

Oh this past New Year’s celebration was a repeat offense, as it always is. What I mean by that is that it contained the same craziness as it always does every year for my family.

What the new year means for me and my family, is a party. We host one every year on New Year’s Day and it’s so much work that I barely have time for myself and my own thought processes. I’m sure all of my family (who still contributes) feels the same way. But I’m here to speak about my point of view.

Let me straight away tell you that, much like anyone who is happy to have made it to this legendary date, I stayed up to celebrate the countdown and the crossover. I mean, hey, it’s something to be happy about; it’s a reason to celebrate with other people. But the downside to this is that often with the people I’m celebrating with, I end up staying up a bit to late and having to get up super early to prepare for the party.

It’s always at my parents’ house. Granted, it’s not the big bash it used to be anymore since everyone is going their separate ways (branching out to other parties), people are getting older (including my parents), and the people just want the luxury of being lazy on that day. But not my family, for we don’t have that luxury.

And I will sit here to say that it’s something that I expect but never welcome. It always starts the same, by me waking up at about 9 AM. At this point I’m sleep-deprived and haven’t had breakfast. Well, unfortunately, that’s how it stays until it’s party time. When you’re working to prepare an entire two-story house to look spectacular in a day, as if it were ready the day before, you get tired and agitated.

Now, please understand that I have high work ethic; I believe I got that from my parents at some point. I like to do good work and have it completed so that makes me a bit particular about how things may get done. Regardless, I was (as always) a slave to do my parents’ bidding this time.

This year I got stuck cleaning the kitchen constantly as food was being pumped out. It’s a lot like working in a restaurant but you don’t get paid for the work. I tried to remain inside my own head this year and not really say anything. I really didn’t want to get involved in the conversations that were taking place around me.

Because, as with many parties, those who host have high stress levels which can lead to arguments. Well, my family is no different. My mother and father were arguing over the simplest things and I earnestly wanted to interject and just shut down the conversations that was taking place. While they were important conversations to have, they didn’t have to discuss the topics by squabbling with one another.

Personally, I’m one to end arguments anyway but pointing out the facts of the argument, how each side feels, and then offering a few solutions so people with shut up. Seriously.

Anyway, between mindlessly doing dishes, wiping down counters, setting tables, and cleaning up, I really got inside my own head. All I wanted to do was sit down but I couldn’t because I had tasks to complete and a deadline to meet.

Retrospectively, I thought that we might’ve finished everything quicker and smoother if there were less arguments; however, that wasn’t going to happen because it never does. Everybody’s stress would’ve been lowered. Mine included.

Anyway, we managed to get things together not too far behind schedule. After all, we are never on time when we host a party. Ever. But our guests are never on time either, coincidentally enough.

By the time the party actually starts and everything is set where it’s supposed to be, we (me and my parents) are barely showering to be presentable. It’s crazy how we manage to pull of all of this craziness, year after year but we do.

Now, here’s where the story gets somewhat interesting. At this point, the hosts would be ready to get started and everyone is ready to eat and chat. We would bless the food and then proceed to eat.

Still, while everyone was stuffing themselves with delicious morsels, I still had work to do to keep the party in top-shape. Trash needed to be replaced. Certain guests, for instance my grandmother, needed assistance with things so I had to wait on them. Plus, my brain was fried at this point and I began to lose control over my memory.

I never really got a chance to sit down and eat. In fact, I stood up to eat and had a very small plate of food between assisting guests, and watching the children that came along with those guests. I hardly got to enjoy the party that I helped prepare but, that comes with the territory. Honestly,  I don’t know many hosts that get to enjoy their own parties. Or maybe I’m just deprived.

Anyway, guests really wanted to talk with me once I got to actually settle down and the party ran itself. Since it is not the same as it was in previous years, because I’m an adult now, guests genuinely wanted to talk to me about personal matters. By personal matters I mean college. I had no problem doing this but it wasn’t anything that grabbed my attention.

If I’m being frank, many people showed up this year that I remembered their face but nothing else. I had seen them before but nothing made me remember their name or why I recognized them. Honestly, the party is never for me or my sisters or anything; it’s for my parents. It’s for them to socialize with people they hadn’t seen in a while.

Sure, arrangements are made for those who are not the primary concern but it’s only an arrangement. I’d say that overall though, the party was a success. And of course at the end of it all, once all the guests left and the food was packed, we had to clean up again.

I was in no mental condition to really do this but I did anyway because I had to. By the end of the night, I just wanted to sleep. For in reality, there was nothing really new about what we did for New Year’s Day but it’s something traditional. We do it because that’s the way things are.

I actually like parties but I like them when I can enjoy them and not be rushed. I like our recurring party. I do. But I still never really get over having to do all of that work just to make it a success without really enjoying the fruits of my labor.

But essentially, that was my story for today. It’s not the most entertaining but I wanted to tell it. I do hope you enjoyed it though. So as always, until the very next time, cheers! Oh! And Happy 2016 to everyone! 🙂

What did you do for the New Year? Do you host parties for the New Year? If you’ve hosted a party in the past, what are the pros and cons?  Leave all your thoughts below!


18 thoughts on “Nothing New About New Year’s Day

    1. Yep. But there must be a line drawn where you are arguing to compromise and solve a problem, and where you are arguing mindlessly. Often times it starts with the first and ends with the latter…


    1. Maybe I have surmised it. But then again, it’s only my opinion and my take. Parents do a lot but that doesn’t mean that kids don’t have some things to worry about either. We’ve all felt that way at some point I’m sure!

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  1. You are such a good son!! Your parents must be so incredibly amazing! Anyway, I loved the way you wrote the story of the party. I could actually visualize everything and I know what you were going through–it is a rather stressful event for a host–but after a few beverages, things somewhat can settle down. The main point is that you helped your parents have a great evening talking to people that they hadn’t seen in a while. And you were so on point when we said that parties change over the years–people move, people get older…it made me think of our family parties of years ago. Thank you for a fantastic read!

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