Dinner, With A Side Of Doubts

Hey there Wonderful Listeners!

So recently I went to a dinner party with a long-time group of friends. I hadn’t seen these friends in some time but I was very excited to see them again. Keep in mind, it’s been a very long time since I had been to another dinner party. I will admit to being a bit rusty in the etiquette of such an event but I managed to compose myself for the occasion.

This dinner party was hosted by my friend Megan. She’s a bit distant as of now in my life but we still remain good friends. Of course, Megan listed out the etiquette of the party, location and all that jazz on Facebook, where everyone would RSVP. Many people did RSVP for the occasion but I was not familiar with them. It turned out to be a mixture of old and new friends.

What happened between the set-up of the party and getting to the event is not important for the story. What is important is what happened once the party began.

Megan decided to host this party at a restaurant and so when I arrived, I sat at the table and proceeded to greet those present. (Some may not consider going out to a restaurant and having dinner a “dinner party” but I do. I mean, I did get dressed up and everything just to attend. While I know it’s not a traditional dinner party, it was still an event to be fancy about. )

What was probably the most interesting about this dinner event was how different everyone was from my memory. Friends that I remembered from a few summers and from high school, were not the same people anymore. This was to be expected of course; after all, no one stays the same forever.

I took the time to catch up with people I hardly talk to and people I talk to more frequently over appetizers. Some people I was happy to see and some I simply remained nice with. All but one of the people whom I immediately recognized that showed up that night were women so it was quite an interesting reunion.

Still, the changes were incredible! Two people in particular who were a couple in high school got engaged; and the female just so happens to be a mother to be as well! I would say that I was genuinely happy for them.

Another woman whom I joking called my “twin” (because we have the same last name) is actually disliked by many of the females that were at the party. She has become much more promiscuous as well, but somehow, I wasn’t surprised to find that out. She has always been a bit flaky, unfortunately.

And I was reunited with a lovely and fierce woman again! She might’ve always been fierce but I just loved how much she enjoys my company. She is actually married to the love of her life! How amazing! Even though I was reunited for only one night, it was a pleasure.

However, there is something that somewhat bothered and excited me. I was more interested in meeting all of the new faces at this party and socializing, than I was interested in rekindling old friendships; simultaneously, I began to really notice the personalities of my friends, and became familiar with who they are, and not what I remembered about them.

First let me get talk about the socializing. Well, that was fun! The new faces were all guys except one female. They were interesting because we seemed to hit it off really well and have similar tastes. It’s very easy to make conversation when such ingredients are lined in your lap. It almost saddens me to think that it may be a while before I encounter them again. Sad really. But it was a wonderful experience.

Now about my friends… Well, I guess they only way to put it is that I can see why I don’t really talk with them much anymore. Truly only the people I really talk to are Megan and Keri (I’ve known her since I was five.) Everyone else to me just seems irrelevant to my world now. As great of people as they were when we were in school together, I don’t feel the same way about them now.

This is not to say that they are bad people. Not by any means but I do mean to say that they aren’t meshing well with me anymore. It may be that the girls are acting petty with one another and that just irritates me, but it could be something else. I’m not sure.

(If you wanted to know, the food was excellent. The service was phenomenal and I will happily return to this particular restaurant.)

All in all though, the dinner party was a success. Aside from my personal thoughts, it did what any dinner party is supposed to do: bring together friends and strangers to socialize over a meal. I think in the future I will rejoin this group for another dinner party or some event but hopefully I leave feeling more positive the next time around.

If nothing else, I will go because of Keri. She has changed so much over the years (and for the better) and has become closer to me than I would’ve imagined. She always has an open heart for me and I do for her. We have a good friendship. And Megan, well, I’ll see her again because she’s finally blossomed into a woman that knows her worth and I’m loving the new her. She makes for a great friend too.

But that was my story this time. Hopefully you enjoyed the story too. I’ll catch you guys later. Until the next time, cheers!

When was the last time you went to a dinner party? How do you feel about dinner parties? Do you end up eating more than you socialize? Leave all your thoughts below!


6 thoughts on “Dinner, With A Side Of Doubts

  1. I just sit at a corner and try to understand what’s behind the facade of the “now socially friendly” people around me. I put on a serious look, laugh when others are laufhubg and keep thinking about what goes inside other people. You see Piney, I am quite…. non-normal

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  2. I can’t recall the last dinner party we attended. But as you talked about the old friends, it made me wonder how attending my 45th High School reunion would be. I only stayed in touch with my then best friend. I am in contact via facebook with one other friend – but we weren’t that close. I move away after HS so I haven’t seen anyone, really. I’m not sure about socializing with people I haven’t seen in so long – we’re all such different people now.
    I’m impressed you attended a dinner party in college. I don’t think I was invited to any in my college days. It sounded wonderful!

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    1. Well you know it was wonderful. Honestly, it was a good time. It’s just hard to leave it at that when you’re me.
      As for your high school reunion, I don’t know. I mean, it’s hard to socialize with people you barely remember. It is. But, hey, all you can do is try.

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