A Visit To The Dentist

Hey there Wonderful Listeners!

Well, it was that time of year again for me; the time that most people dread but that I actually look forward to: going to the dentist. Yes, I am indeed a fan of the dentist, possibly because of my affinity for ASMR and possibly because I’ve never had a bad experience as a child growing up.

Anyway, I was a bit worried about this appointment because I wasn’t sure if I wrongly noted my appointment time this time. After all, now that I’m an adult, I have to set all of my appointments and keep track of them. Thank goodness I can always call in and change appointments and check times as necessary! Regardless, I didn’t wrongly note my time and showed up ten minutes early as a bonus!

After showing up, I had to go through the usual procedure. I had to sign in, sign a consent form, check for insurance changes, and all that jazz. I was guided into the back rooms where I was to receive my cleaning and examinations.

My new hygienist is so gentle and kind. She’s a joy to be around really. Nothing like my previous hygienist who was rough and a bit judgmental. Honestly, she was great at conversation but she was rather judgmental. She never made blatant declarations about her disagreement with my opinions but her body language, and quips said otherwise.

Now, the cleaning was very enjoyable. I got to sit there and enjoy being paid attention to while someone took care of my problems. The sounds of the whirring of machines and sprays was quite relaxing. Too bad it didn’t last very long. My hygienist did have something to say about my wisdom teeth still being lodged into my gums but I kinda brush it off. They’re not bothering me so I’m not worried about them.

Honestly, I was revitalized from my almost induced coma by my actual dental doctor. Now she’s got some spunk to her! Seriously. She’s so funny and charismatic that she could calm down even the most anxiety-ridden child. Yeah, she’s that good. Plus, she can look at your teeth and be in-and-out in a flash.

Yes, the visit went quite well. I’m scheduled for the summer for my next visit and I’m sure it’ll be the usual: a good time. But otherwise, that was the sum of my day today. Nothing all that special but I thought I’d just come and share that with you. This really is a true example of the mundane parts of my life.

Well, I won’t waste anymore of your time. I’ll see you next time. Until then, cheers!

Do you fancy or dread visiting the dentist? Do your experiences turn out good or bad mostly? Leave all your thoughts below.


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